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{insert Wizard of Oz joke here}

We're going to Kansas for FI to candidate* at the beginning of January. (I'm assuming it'll be the 7-9th ish).  The search committee voted unanimously to recommend him to the Board of Elders and the pastor doesn't see any reason why they wouldn't say yes.  I'm excited...and scared...and still wondering if this is real.  Yikes. 

*Candidate=meeting with the pastor & elders, meeting with the youth and parents, and FI will most likely preach that Sunday.  At the churches I grew up in (Conservative Southern Baptist), we always voted as a congregation after the candidate sermon either Yes to offer the job, or No.  If majority voted yes, the pastor(s) & deacons offered the candidate the job.  I'm not 100% sure how this church works, however.  It's part of the Berean Church Fellowship if anyone knows how that works and can explain it for me. :)

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    AWESOME!!!!!!!  It is a great opportunity for him to go and candidate at a church.  This is a VERY good sign.  God has a place picked out for your FI and his ministry, and God will find ways to include you in that ministry too -- I know at my church the pastor's wife and the youth pastor's wife play a key role in being a mentor to girls and women in the church.

    I hope that you and your FI can find the peace that comes with the job placement... I know what it's like to feel so up in the air.  :-) 

    Let us know what happens!!! 
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    That is awesome!!! Praying for you guys...let us know how it goes!
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    Nice! I was on the pastor selection committee when my chuch went through finding a new pastor a little over a year ago. It's a HUGE process. If your FI has gotten this far, he's got a pretty good chance. :) I'll keep praying!
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    WOW!!! Still praying - that's so exciting for you Emily!!
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    That is so very exciting! Praying for you both! :)
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    Awesome, congrats! 
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    Congrats to the both of you!  I know it'll be hard for you to be apart from your FI for 6 months, then have to move so far away from home, if he gets the job - but if God is calling him to this church then it will all be worth it!  I am praying!
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    Thanks for the prayers!!  FI just texted me this morning and they want us out there Jan 6-11th! 
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