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I have 2...

First- I have a coworker who became paralyzed when he was around 21 yrs old after a swimming accident. He's on the west coast, because that is what is better for him health wise (to avoid the cold) but all of his family is on the east coast. He went into the hospital for a very bad infection and is not doing well. But he is all alone, no family out here, very lonely. No one will come out either because his mother is elderly and can't make the trip, and he really doesn't have anyone else. I guess it's so hard for him in there because the nurses can't come in often enough and he may need to use the restroom and can't get to it, or be freezing because he can't move up the sheet. It makes me tear up just thinking about it because no one should be having to deal with that. Most people in hospitals who are alone can usually at least move. So, I just want to put out a prayer request for him- that he be treated with compassion by the doctors/nurses and that he feels love while he's getting through this.

Second- my aunt has been diagnosed with colon cancer, and fears she has more tumors and internal bleeding. She'll be finding out soon. So I just ask for a prayer request to be with her while she goes through this and for healing.

Thanks everyone!
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