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Hey ladies!  One of my friends got married on NYE and I noticed something in her pics that I personally have never seen before.  I don't know how much this cost...I don't think it would be super budget friendly, but they went to a custom jewler and had her TLW (True Love Waits) ring turned inside out and then encased in the metal they chose to be her husband's wedding band.

Just thought I would pass that along if you've been trying to figure out what to do with yours.  Pic below is from their wedding, and used with permission. :)

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    Wow, that is really neat!  I wish I had one of those.  We have a jeweler who does custom work like that and it's just beautiful.  It's a lifetime of remembering that True Love does Wait!  :-) 
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    That's such a neat idea!
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    That is beautiful, what a great idea!

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    oh my goodness!!! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE that idea!!!!!! sooo cute! 

    i would have love to have that!! 
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    On this same vein, I had a friend who both her and her hubby had James Avery Cross rings as their TLW rings and had them melted into their wedding rings for each other. I thought it was cute
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    that. is. amazing.
    thank you for sharing!
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    That is such a neat idea! 
    I have been wondering what to do with my purity ring, now that I am getting married. I think I will just save it for when I have a daughter, since it is 3 rings in one, so that would be tricky to do that with. 
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