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Weekend plans?

Hey y'all! Plans for the weekend?

Today: Continuing recovery at home during the day. Going to BJ's with fiance to shop for food for our Super Bowl party tonight and going to Chick-fil-a  for dinner to bug fiance's friend on his second to last day there.

Tomorrow: Attempting my weekly shower in the morning. Praying it's less msierable than last week's shower.  Then a friend is coming over in the afternoon to "babysit" me so fiance can get the break he deserves from taking care of me.  

Sunday: Fiance and friend are teaching sunday school in the morning.  Depending on how I'm feeling, I may be able to go.  Super bowl party at our place sunday night! Yay!

Re: Weekend plans?

  • Today: SO and I looked at rings and then got coffee and went on a walk through the woods. Rare sunny day where I live.

    Weekend: Nothing much planned, SO works the whole weekend but we have a class at church, then service, and then having lunch with a friend. I might plan to read a book. Laughing
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