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Tuesday QOTD

If money was not an option, where is one place in the world you would like to travel to.
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Re: Tuesday QOTD

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    Europe! I would love to see greece and italy and spain and germany and turkey etc etc....But it's SOOO expensive to travel to Europe!

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    I want to go back to Italy, especially Florence.  I would also love to go to Australia, but getting there from here is soooo expensive and takes forever.
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    I would love to go to Ireland and trace my family roots. We know my great-great grandmother on my dad's side come from there. Ireland seems so magical and wonderful.
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    Pitcairn Islands.
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    Japan, China, and Thailand!

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    Pretty much everywhere.  Europe, Russia, China, Thailand, Australia, Egypt (if it's ever safe), Kenya (safety issue again), Israel, Greece.
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    Australian/New Zealand/Fiji
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    I'd like to go back to Europe and really see more of it (I was in Amsterdam, Venice, Verona, Austria, Switzerland, Munich, Paris, London... but it was one of those tour companies so we were only in each place 1 or 2 days. I'd like to really see more). 

    I'd also love to see Greece and the Greek Isles, Australia and Rome. 
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    EVERYWHERE. On the top of our list currently is Ireland, Europe and Israel. I went to the Holy Land this past year, but FI has never been and really wants to go. I for sure don't mind a trip back! 
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    Greece and Italy are on the top of my list
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    I am a BIG military history buff, so I would like to travel and visit all the major WW1 and WW2 sites. I was in Dieppe France for the dedication of the memorial there, and that was AMAZING!
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    Wellll... right now of course I'd go to India and fall into Ryan's arms! :)

    Thinking after we marry, then... everywhere, anywhere. I've always wanted to go to Europe, especially England and France. I've also wanted to go the Phillipines.
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    I second the WW2 stuff in germany ... i'd do italy for my FI and I would also want to see Abbey Road / all things Beatles in that area...
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    I'd like to city hop to some major cities and do stereotypical tourist things.  :-P  Like visit the Central Park in New York, ride the London Eye, go for a gondola ride in Venice, etc.
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