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Email surprise...! PLEASE PRAY

Mini-backstory: I was a teacher at a private Christian school last year and was not given a contract for this year because due to the economy enrollment was down. I was planning on moving an hour north anyway so it was kind of God's way of showing me was I was making the right decision when I had planned on not accepting a contract anyway. When I moved though, I was not able to find a teaching job in the public schools like I wanted. I sent out over 200 applications. I had 5 interviews that went nowhere. I didn't get any response from HR on any of the applications aside from two of them that I had interviewed at and the HR responses didn't come until after the interviews.

Last night I decided to randomly see if there were any jobs posted. There were 4, and one was a reading position at the school  a few blocks away from FI's house, I have walked there from his house to substitute. So I applied thinking nothing would happen since I sent out over 200 applications before with no response. I checked my email about an hour ago...HR had already emailed me back! I was told that for my application to pass the review I needed to resubmit one of my references because it wouldn't open. I cannot beLIEVE I got a response so quickly and on just ONE application sent in! I know this doesn't guarantee a job or even an interview, but the fact that I heard back so quickly (AND they're on spring break this week...!) is getting my hopes up. From what I can tell its for a position starting immediately...so potentially I could finish out the school year (only 6 weeks left!) and have a job for next year! Which could mean that I could leave Starbucks and actually enjoy being newlyweds ALL SUMMER with FI! We could finance my last few grad semesters, start looking for a new car for me when mine decides to die (which will be any day now) and stop worrying about what I'll be doing next year. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY...

Re: Email surprise...! PLEASE PRAY

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