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Both parents walking down aisle

Hi! I lurk here a lot but I don't think I've ever posted -- I just had something that's been nagging at me that I thought you ladies might be able to help with. Did anyone have (or will anyone have) both their mom and their dad walk them down the aisle??

My mom had both of her parents give her away to my dad. I'm very close to both of them, and they both worked very hard to raise me--on the one hand, why should it just be my dad's honor?

On the other hand, we had meetings with our pastor the past few weeks talk about Christian marriage and the ceremony. Pastor explained that he would prefer just my dad walk me down the aisle -- as a symbol of God the Father bringing the Church to Christ. However, he did say he wouldn't forbid it if I really preferred my mom to give me away as well.

I do understand what he is saying, and I agree that it is a beautiful symbol of that. However, like I said, my parents both had a hand in making me the woman I am, and in my last few moments as just their daughter before I'm also somebody's wife, I want them both to be by my side. (If it means anything, FI understands and has said he is completely okay with both of them walking with me down the aisle.)

Sorry this got kind of long, I just wanted to see if anyone faced a similar situation or is planning on having their mother escort them as well in a Christian wedding. Thanks! :)
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Re: Both parents walking down aisle

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    I think that you can have both... its up to you if you truly want that symoblization the pastor was talking about. If you really want both parents have them... don't reget missing out on somthing you want!
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    I think it is wonderful that you want to include your mom.  If I had thought of that myself, I would have done it.  You have very good reasons for wanting both your mom and dad walk you down the aisle.  I never knew that there was symbolism that your pastor spoke of.  I always understood it to originate from a father's giving away of his daughter as property would change hands but now it is more of a show of a father's approval and blessing of the marriage.
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    I'd have both of them do that. 

    I've never heard the symbolism of God the Father bringing in the Bride of Christ... I don't think that's a widely held symbol. Your guests won't understand that, but they will understand both parents bringing you in. 
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    Both of my parents are doing it. I'm the first in my family, and probably the last in my family to get married. 
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    My parents were escorted by both of their parents at their wedding.

    My dad walked me down the aisle.  My brothers escorted mom before the processional.

    In all practicality, if I had wanted mom & dad to both escort me, we wouldn't have been able to fit all 3 of us side-by-side across the aisle, because of the fullness of my gown.  Make sure you'll fit before you get your heart completely set on it!! :)
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    I considered it but nixed the idea after thinking about it more-- personally, I want my Dad and I to have that special moment. BUT, if you'd like to have them both walk you, do it, regardless of the symbolism (never heard of that, btw)! I'm sure your mom would love to be a part of that experience!

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    Wow, what fast and helpful responses!! Thank you all :)

    I guess I didn't realize the symbolism maybe wasn't super well-known. As our pastor explained it, the marriage ceremony is a reflection of Christ marrying the church, and so the father walking the daughter down the aisle extends that. It made perfect sense when he explained it, though I didn't necessarily agree that I wanted my ceremony to be that way.

    Our pastor has some "out-there" opinions, but he is fine with people expressing other opinions as long as they understand where he's coming from, and I do. But I'm pretty sure I want my mom :)

    And as someone else said their dress wouldn't allow it...that is a concern!! My dress (and my mom's for that matter) might be a little difficult to navigate with all three of us down the aisle...we'll just have to go reeaaaal slow ;)
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    I thought about having both of my parents walk me down the aisle, as I am really close to my mom, but when I talked to her about it, she said it should be something special for me and my dad. It's something that he's been looking forward to. My mom is totally cool with one of my brothers escorting her to her seat, and then she will enjoy the ceremony from there.
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    I had both of my parents walk me down the aisle but situation is different from yours. I was raised in a single parent home and my dad was what a call a "part-time father". My mom was both mother and father to me so it made sense to have her walk me down the aisle with my dad (whom I hold no ill-will).
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    I only having my dad, mainly because I had never seen both until recently! To include my mom, when the pastor asks who gives me away, my mom would join us up at the front so my parents would say "we do". Sorry if that doesn't make sense!
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    I'm going to have both of my parents walk me down the aisle and they will both answer "we do" but then my dad can be the one who actually hands me over to my future husband - at least that's what I'm hoping, we haven't had a chance to meet with the pastor yet.
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