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Hooray! Its wednesday!

What are your plans for the rest of the week and weekend. WR? NWR?

Re: Hooray! Its wednesday!

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    WR: Apparently (news to me) the wedding planner met with my mom and FI's mom at the venue yesterday and started dishing out "jobs." I'm not too worried about how they'll handle things, but I would like to be involved in them.

    NWR: School. I'm so beyond done right now...I spent four hours on a Chemistry post-lab write up last night. I have three lectures to go to today and I don't feel like leaving my room. FI and I are going to Montana to meet some his relatives that I've never met before. Should be interesting.
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    i have two days off!!! hooray! i am sooo excited to just hang out at the house. I have kickboxing today and friday...which i LOVE!!! I also am meeting with my purity small group tonight for a girl's night. (: it should be fun! 

    i dont think anything really. Just looking for ideas for the flower girl. Possibly take my online assessment for our pre-marital mentoring. 
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    WR - Going to call and talk to the last vocalists we need (they've already agreed, but we have to talk about the song and make sure they are on board wtih that particular song).

    NWR - trying to make it through the week in one piece.  I get PAID this week, FINALLY!!! :-)
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    WR: Sending info in to the DJ, finalizing cake order, pre-martial counseling on Saturday morning, and buying lingerie!

    NWR: Sleep. Food. Sleep. :) Also, I'm hosting a ballroom dance on Saturday night which is always super fun! I love teaching ballroom!
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    oohh, Melissa! buying lingerie will be fun! (:
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    WR:  I am trying to figure out what favors go to whom for the wedding and how to box them up to look pretty.  Also I'm fixing the RD invitations because I had a little hamburger or grill mitt or hotdog or grill related item at the top because we were going to grill out at FMIL but now she's making tacos.  :P  So I have to go get taco style stickers.  Also, finishing guestbook, I repainted cake topper, and make labels for unity sand containers.  Oh, and if the other invitations get in, I have GOT to mail those THAT DAY!!

    NWR:  Taking care of my grandma and trying to get tickets to PBR!!

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    NWR:  I'm on call and can't go much of anywhere, so probably laundry, lol.

    WR:  I need to update the wedding website, finalize the wording and design for our invitations (which I'm designing myself), and call the lady at my church who may very well be doing our cakes to talk about flavors, design, pricing, etc.
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    WR: finish addressing inviations; talk to FMIL about RD guest list

    NWR: lots of grading; organizing things to donate to a rummage sale.

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    --finish addressing invitations
    --start thank you's for shower gifts!

    --school ugghh. test tomorrow, big assignment due monday
    --high school retreat on campus this weekend! it'll be a ton of fun, but bad timing with homework
    --FIND A JOB
    --find out today if we qualified for our apartment!! we're so excited!

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    WR- Meeting with my MOH and 2 of the BM's Saturday to talk shower stuff! 

    NWR- Gym and worship team practice Thursday. Going to see the musical that the high school is doing in the district FI and I work for on Friday. Cleaning Saturday evening most likely. Sunday is Bible study and church and then FI and I are going to his parents' to see his sister and niece who will be visiting from Iowa! Yay!! 
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    WR: There is lots I should do but not sure what yet

    N(my)WR: Dinner with my friend and all her BMs tomorrow to discuss wedding and bachelorette plans

    NWR: I just got back from CA, and I am still working tonight (waiting on a file to download). Two more days of work then doing a 5K walk for MS Saturday. Church then brunch with my MOH and recently ex-roommate
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    NWR: Catching up on work and cleaning.

    WR: I have my first bridal shower this weekend!
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    Have fun, joyful! Which outfit did you decide on?
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