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Need a listening ear :-(

I got some news about our honeymoon that has left me so brokenhearted, I just needed to someone to listen.  You girls are pretty understanding, so I thought I would share here.

My FI is a Brazilian national, and our immigration lawyer tells us we need to go on a domestic honeymoon to avoid visa troubles.  I had set my heart on going back to Germany, where my FI and I met.  That was the happiest time of life, and I wanted to relive it again.  Also, it will have been five years between when we first started dating and when we will get married!  As Christians, we have been waiting until marriage, and we haven't even travelled alone together.  When we were living in Germany, I gave up travelling through Europe just so I could spend my time with my FI.  I've been so patient for so many years, and I'm afraid we'll never get a chance to go after the honeymoon due to finances, work, grad school, etc.

Also, I'm just getting tired of U.S. immigration laws getting in the way of everything.  My FI and I had to spend two years long-distance between different continents, and we had to go through a lot of headache for him to get a job in the U.S.  I know it will all be worth it in the end when he finally gets his greencard, but why couldn't it just be eaiser?  :-(

Re: Need a listening ear :-(

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    I'm sorry to hear this :( I would definitely be disappointed too.

    I know that a trip later on seems impossible at this point - but perhaps an anniversary trip in five years?  I think no matter when you choose to go to Germany it would always be special.

    Whatever happens I hope for the best for you guys.
  • beecjena08beecjena08 member
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    I am so sorry to hear that. Hope things work out for you guys.
    It's going to be a lovely day!!!
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    When God closes one door he always opens another and everything He does it for our good. I know it's not easy now but don't give up. Really seek God...He can do the impossible so don't lose hope. Also he may just have a different plan but it is probably better than the plan you could have come up with.

    I totally understand your disappointment. But be encouraged. It is still your first trip together, and your honeymoon!!! That's good no matter what the destination!!!

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  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    That is such a bummer.  Would it be possible to take the money that you would have spent going to Germany and put it into a CD for the amount of time you think it will take to get a green card (I know nothing about this - is it going to be about a year or longer?).  If you really want to go and you have the money set aside, you'll find a way to get the time to go.  I don't know if that' a possibility, but a suggestion.  If you can do that, then maybe you could plan a special weekend trip for now to enjoy your first days of married life and let that be the honeymoon.  I promise you that it will be special!

    I'm so sorry you're going through this but as CHarley said, God has a plan and there may be some reason that you need to be here.  **hugs**
  • felkelsfelkels member
    edited December 2011
    I like the last person's suggestion.  If you have the money now, put it away and go on a peaceful local honeymoon.  We went to the beach for three days and stayed at inexpensive places.  Even if you could go to a nice hotel for a night or two now, and save the money you have already for a big honeymoon for an anniversary when he can travel how would you feel about that?  It would give you smoething more to look forward to, and then the money is there, and you don't have to save all over again.  I hope it all works out for you. 
  • GJones27GJones27 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for listening.  And sorry for feeling down and complaining about small stuff like that when there are bigger problems in the world.  I'm feeling a bit better today.  I guess we'll try to do the trip on our one-year anniversary!  You're right... there's a reason for everything.  I'll have to trust God that it's better to wait a little while longer.  :-)
  • mattycammattycam member
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    I agree with CHarley2B. God is not saying no to your plans; He is saying wait :)

    Be encouraged...
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    I agree with what everyone said -- be encouraged and know that God is allowing this to happen for a reason!
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    Goodness you are making me tear up!  I am sorry to hear about your honeymoon, but it will work out in the end.  I know that is easy for me to say.   Good luck!

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