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Hate it - Love it

Let's have some NWR fun.

I hate it when people look at my IM at work, see that I'm "available" and then stop by my desk to bug me as if I can just drop everything I'm doing and talk to them.  I guess it is just bugging me right now because there is a guy at work who keeps stopping by my desk instead of emailing me or calling - lately when I've been in another office location, he's been driving over to my building to stop by my desk.  UGH!

I love it when I go out to dinner with my parents to a more expensive restaurant and they decide to pay!

Your turn...

Re: Hate it - Love it

  • kkidd28kkidd28 member
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    Ok -  I like it!

    Let's see - I'm a social networking junkie - lol.  I hate it when I change my FB status and someone "jacks" my status.  For example - I currently have a love quote as my status.  Someone then commented on my status to ask me if I had talked to someone lately - so not related!  I know - small but still - lol!  I think that should be a seperate or better yet private message!

    And I love when you go to the store to buy something and get up to the counter and found out its on sale and you didn't even know it!  Happened tonight when I went to buy my puppies dog food!  Awesome!

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  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    @kkidd- fb status hijackers bug me, too.  I've told my parents mulitple times that if their comment is not relative to the status or wall post, then don't post it as a comment.  :)

    Hate it- When anyone, at anytime, uses the "r-word."  Not only am I a Special Ed major, I have two cousins with profound special needs.   Hearing that word directed at soemone with special needs, or even in "casual" conversation (including internet boards) makes my blood boil...and it's a challenge to respond in love. 

    Love it- When FI texts me little messages during the day.  He's done it since we were "just talking" and I love that he still does it.
  • ccialoneccialone member
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    I hate it: when you try really really hard to explain to someone the right/wrong thing to do and they act like they listen, then they do whatever they want anyways.

    I love it: When I wake up in the morning smiling because the thought of my FI came into my head.
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  • TimsGirl10TimsGirl10 member
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    I'll play....

    I hate it when a co worker (yes, I have a certain co-worker in mind) stops by my desk to chit chat, and I try to half listen but 1/2 ignore them, hoping they'll get the hint that I am trying to actually WORK while I am at work...and they should be doing the same!! (it doesn't help that my cubicle at work is directly outside my bosses' offices, so I don't wannt get in trouble)

    I love it when m FI texts me in the morning.  Every morning, around 6:30am I get a "Good morning Love" text from him.  Always puts a smile on my face.  Oh- and the random 2pm "I love you" texts are super great too!! :D
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  • GJones27GJones27 member
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    Hate -- the current state of the economy.  I've been unemployed for eight months.  I used to work as a consultant before.  I have a third interview at at a consulting practice today, and I hope it goes well.  The stress of unemployment (and losing my benefits when Congress failed to pass unemployment benefits extension for a couple of months) caused my health to really suffer.  Getting laid off from a job is also ego crushing.  At this point, I'm really worried about the future of our country. 

    Love -- planning aspects of my wedding.  It's the bright point in my life right now.  I'm really looking forward to a trip I'm making with my FI to SF in August for things like my first dress fitting and engagment photos
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    I hate it when girls are writing about their fiance and they spell it 'fiancee'.  Also minor and I'm not perfect and make grammar mistakes too.  But I have a particular friend on FB that ultimatum-ed her boyfriend into proposing and now constantly updates her status, saying sweet things about her 'fiancee'.  I don't have the heart to correct though, it'd probably be embarrassing. 

    Speaking of FB, I also hate it when friends (or just this same girl) clog up my news feed with something along the lines of: "I love my fianceeeeee.  He is my sun and I am his moon and stars."  Blughhhhhh.

    I love it when FI comes home from work and tells me he researched our honeymoon spot during his lunch break.  He's so cute and gets very excited telling me about his most recent find.
  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    Future Mrs - you made me laugh.

    GJones - hang in there.  Now that we know, we can pray for you!
  • TimsGirl10TimsGirl10 member
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    Can I add another hate??  I hate that my FMIL hasn't given me a guest list yet- even though both FI and I have been asking for almost 2 months now..... off to make a seperate post!
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