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Weekend plans?

It's finally Friday, ladies! It was one of those weeks for me where I didn't think we would ever make it to today.

What are y'alls plans for the weekend? Anyone have anything exciting happening?

Re: Weekend plans?

  • today: work for a couple hours

    tomorrow: may have to work some softball scrimmages, depends on the weather

    sunday: church, cooking for the upcoming week, go for a run
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  • Today:  Freebirds (if the Fiancee decides to agree with my dinner pick), then my church does an indoor skate park that we help with
    Saturday: Bridal shower for a friend in the afternoon, relaxing in the evening
    Sunday: The day of NO rest...  Morning Service, lunch break, children's ministry in the evening...  

    busy as usual...  but I might get a chance to sleep in a little tomorrow...  
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  • Church...
    I'm trying to coordinate a play date for the two flower girls...I'm hoping it will help them bond together....they are both 2...and this will give a chance for the Mom's to meet and bond..

  • My friend is here from Taiwan!  So we are taking him to Tahoe tomorrow and old Sac on Sunday.  It should be a good time.  It's his first time in America! :)
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  • It's supposed to rain here all weekend, so I plan to stay inside and have a lazy weekend. I'm not a fan of the cold, so the rain doesn't help. I'm sure I'll get some laundry and cleaning done, too.
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    Friday: out to dinner, then a Purim event downtown.  It was fun getting dressed up.  I wasn't expecting this (I had to ask my friend exactly what Purim is), but quite a few people were in costums.  I had a good time, but I seemed to have been allergic to something in the building because I was sneezing the whole time!

    Saturday: late ladies' lunch, then a trip to the store with one of them and another friend

    Sunday: Pride and Prejudice (BBC version) and craftiness with the same two girls
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  • Fri night I went to the Ballet and saw Swan Lake. It was incredible.

    Today I went to one of our possible venues, they had an open house. Nice to eat yummy food and take tours of the different options. 

    Tomorrow. Church class. Service, then watching kiddo's during a church meeting until 4pm. Going to be a long day.
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