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Friday QOTD

Doing anything fun this weekend?
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Re: Friday QOTD

  • i have my surprise shower tomorrw but i already saw the invite at my FMIL's house, so it's not a surprise anymore!   but i'm getting manicures with my FSIL tomorrow morning bc everyone still think i don't know, which is fine by me!
    on sunday we are going to do our final inspection of our house.
  • my family tried to suprise me too it didnt work ... lol i played along anyway

    packing up for hopefully my last weekend at my FI parents house before we move... dinner and stuff/date with FI tonight...

    2morrow my bff and bridesmaid has her shower at 2 and it's a winery.. I'm so excited... i just have to make sure I eat enough and such if you know what i mean it's a trek for me to drive back to FI's house...

    Sunday is church and he wants to go to the fair but I fear I have too much studying to do for a Lab Test on Monday...
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  • Date night tonight!  We're going to Bonefish, and we hope they have the pumpkin ravioli.

    Saturday: article critique...this is becoming a weekend route. reading for my school finanace class.  Thinking about making pumpkin scones.

    Sunday.  Finishing up homework for school finanace.  Maybe reading about religious diversity, but more likely starting a novel instead :P
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  • rajahmdrajahmd Galifrey member
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    Tonight- sleep

    Tomorrow- VA Tech game in Blacksburg. Fiance is a huge fan, and I've always wanted to go to a college football game (definitely not a tech fan myself though, I'm a Mountaineer).

    Sunday- teaching Sunday school, studying, then youth group
  • Tonight I went to pick up my BM dress for my friend's wedding and then we met H's parents for dinner.

    Tomorrow is cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry... Then church. 

    Sunday is the middle school program we volunteer with at church... Then visiting my pap in the hospital while H goes horseback riding with his middle school small group. Having a couple friends over for the Steeler game after that! 
  • Tonight - watching Castle with DH

    Tomorrow - just plain relaxing :)

    Sunday - church

    Yep. I live a mellow life. ;)
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    Tomorrow - while I clean house, DH is going with his dad to my cousin's house to pick up a pretty much new futon for our (completely empty) guest room!  My cousin bought this futon new for her son to use as his bed (it's a really high quality one), but then he had to have back surgery and the futon mattress was too firm for his comfort.  Long story short, they bought him a bed with a pillow top and are giving me a slept-on-twice futon for my guest room!  SCORE!  After we get that set up in the guest room,  DH and I are washing the cars.

    Sunday - probably just church then relaxing.
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  • I worked last night and then we went to a get together with a bunch of people from church.

    Today I got up early to clean, I'm going to work in an hour and then we're having some friends over after I'm off work.

    Tomorrow is church and homework. Lots of homework :)
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