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Need some encouragement

Hi Ladies! i'm in need of some encouragement...My wedding is 27 days away and I'm starting to stress about getting everything done. To add to that, FI just left this morning for 2 weeks of annual training with the National Guard. I'm already missing him! My grandfather is in the hospital having surgery Monday on a mass in his belly. He is doing well right now- praise God. Some of my relatives are going to miss my shower tomorrow because they're staying with him. My mom is there now with him (VA) and she's hoping she can return tomorrow morning in time for the shower. I know it's important for her to be there with her dad, but I will miss her at the shower! (And she's paying for the whole thing!) And lastly, my nephew, who was born prematurely, is still in the nicu after almost 3 months. We were really hoping to have him home by now. :(

I have so many things to be thankful for. God has blessed me tremendously! I just need a little encouragement to get through these bumps.

Thanks all!
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Re: Need some encouragement

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    I'm sorry to hear you're going through so much!  Maybe putting things into perspective will help a little?  For example, there are women who don't see their fiances for months at a time, there are people who never knew their grandfathers, and there are brides whose friends and relatives don't throw them bridal showers.  I know it's really stressful nonetheless because everything is happening at once.  We'll pray for you that your grandfather and little nephew will be okay.  But after reading your post, I could tell that you have so many people who love you, and you have a big heart and care so much about others.  That's a special thing to have.  If you hang in there a few weeks, most of the issues will pass, and you have much to look forward to -- e.g. a happy married life with your new husband!  Hope this helps.  Take care!
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    I am sorry to hear what you are going through 27 days away from your wedding! The following is a devotion that I hope will bring you some comfort during these difficult times:
    God Is In Control by Adrian Rogers"For I the Lord thy God, will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." - Isaiah 41:13 
    Once I had the rare opportunity of visiting with Corrie Ten Boom. I drank in her words. I listened and kept my mouth shut. One of her statements went straight to my heart: "There is no panic in heaven, only plans."
    That is how God operates — no panic.

    Did you know the Holy Trinity never meets in an emergency session? God has never stepped down from His throne. Jesus has not left His right hand, and the Holy Spirit has not stopped interceding for you, His child.

    Refuse to listen to Satan's lies of fear, discouragement, and despair. You are a victor. And God is in control!

    Repeat the following throughout the day today, "God is in control of my life. He will not leave me. His right hand will sustain me all the length of my days."

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    Hey Jess,

         I know it's hard to not have the people you care about around with all the hoopla going around.  My prayers are going out for your grandfather & your nephew!  Know that God has a plan and everything will work out! 
         For your shower, just try to enjoy your day regardless of if your Mom is able to get back in time!  Take that time to just relax and enjoy your friends & family that are able to make it, and pray for your grandfather,FI, and nephew while you're there.

         With your FI gone for a few weeks, think of it this way - he is taking two weeks to go and work out so he can come back and look extra special for you on the wedding day Wink.    Relax and countdown - in 27 days - you'll be a Mrs.!
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    Thank you all for your support! I made it through the first week, keeping busy with wedding things and spending a lot of time with my kiddos. This weekend went by quickly- I spent all day yesterday at the hospital snuggling with my nephew. He's growing stronger each day and might even be home before the wedding! My grandfather also did extremely well this week and is recuperating at home.

    I found comfort in your words, and read my Bible often this week. FI and I got to talk every night, and I also felt comforted by praying for him before I went to bed each day.

    Thanks again ladies!
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    So glad everything turned out great!  You were in my prayers all week!
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