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Married :) (Long)

Hey girls! It's been a while since I posted on here. Things just got really busy between the wedding, school, and work. I got married on October 9th and everything went great! It was a perfect day. & perfect weather for our outside wedding.

A couple funny things that happened:
During our vows, some geese & ducks started quacking and honking...It was really funny. Stephen & the officiant stopped & the three of us just stood there and laughed.

Then when we left there was a GPS in my car (I don't own a GPS). It had our address in it, so we followed it. Well, it took us 40 minutes to get back when it would normally take 20 minutes. It took us the strangest way and for a while we didn't even know where we were. But we made it back.

Some other news:
My husband and I got hired as youth ministers at a church the week before our wedding & we were officially voted in last Sunday! We're super excited about this & it was something we had really been praying for.


Good luck to everyone as you plan your weddings!

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