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QOTW - Week of 6/26 - Wedding Memories (Other People's Weddings)

Think of a wedding you've attended in the past few years (not your own) and tell us:

What really stood out to you as a great idea?  (i.e. what did you love?)

What did you not like so much?


Re: QOTW - Week of 6/26 - Wedding Memories (Other People's Weddings)

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    iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    Loved - I didn't actually attend this wedding, but it took place at the venue where we were married so I saw it when I was there for one of my visits.  The couple had antique wooden skis and they were arranged on the favor table for their guests to sign (in lieu of the guest book).  I just thought that was so unique and I'm sure it was representative of the personalities of this couple.

    Not so much - we went to a wedding where the wedding party had about 30 people in it and apparently their pictures took forever so there was a gap and then cocktail hour seemed to last forever.  Then they introduced the WP into the reception (yes - all 30 of them) and the bride's 2 brothers and the groom's 2 brothers each had a speech.  One of the speeches was 5 pages long.  Then there was a slideshow and finally (at about 10:00) we had dinner.  I was starving by the time dinner was served.  Needless to say, we didn't wait for cake to be served.
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    Lisa, I love the ski thing- so unique!! I'm into non-traditional things at weddings like that sometimes. And sorry about the 10:00 dinner- that's rough. 

    For me:

    Love- At my friend's wedding last year, they spray painted giant letters of their initials and had them at the reception. I noticed their guests dancing with a giant "R" around their neck and carrying around a giant "N". I liked the idea so much that I almost called her to see if she minded me stealing the idea... but I decided not to (too much else to make haha).

    Not so much- I can't really say there were bad things at any of the weddings I've been to because everyone has different tastes. I like more unique/contemporary/non-traditional things sometimes, while others love the very traditional invitations/favors/etc. So I think it's all a matter of preference. 
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    SoonToBeGenaoSoonToBeGenao member
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    Love- Honestly, one of my favorite things at every wedding are the daddy/daughter parts. I think because I am so close to my father I am extra senstive to that. So when he gives her away and they have their dance, I just love it.

    Not so much- My cousins did a buffet instead of a sit down dinner, the food was in an adjacent room and there were about 150 people in line waiting for food. The line practically wrapped both rooms. The worst part is my grandma can take for ever and is always near the front of the line (ironically) so it slows everyone down.
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    Love - I was just at a wedding for a high school friend last Friday and the location is what I loved. It was in a local museum (see pic below). They were standing by the wagon with the red wheel and the chairs were set up in the cobblestone street. It was so neat! For the cocktail hour, we all walked around one part of the museum where drinks and h'ordurves were being served.

    Not so much - I can't think of too much I haven't liked about the actual wedding. When my cousin got married last year though, the bride (marrying my cousin) didn't invite my FI (who was my FI then too) and I had to go through my aunt to get him invited. I tried her first but she claimed there was no space even though there was an entire empty table behind us at the reception. We went up to congratulate them before leaving and she didn't even acknowledge his existence. That, I did not like at all.
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    yodacubyodacub member
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    A friend of mine had a sweetheart table at their reception instead of the usual head table - the bride and groom were at their own table and their attendants and signifcant others were at tables surrounding them along with parents and such.  We are hopefully doing this too as it would work well with our wedding party, some of whom have kids.
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