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My MOH is a bridezilla and is having her FI plan the entire wedding but is very adamant about having Communion. I'm just wondering the significance or relationship Communion has to marriage. I asked but just received rolled eyes as the response.
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Re: Communion?

  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    Communion is the picture of the covenant.  In the OT, couples would drink from the same cup of wine to signify that they were betrothed (engaged) and that the man was going to leave, prepare a home, and return for his bride. That covenant could only be broken by a Writ of Divorce.  When Christ took the bread and the cup in the Upper Room, he was signifying the marriage between Him and His bride (the Church), that He was going to leave, and someday return for His bride.  A wedding is a covenant, not just a contract.  Even though it symbolizes betrothal and not the wedding itself, many couples wish to have communion between themselves and God be the first act of their marriage, signifying their Christian home, and some wish to share it with their guests as well. (But then you have to be concerned about unsaved guests, those who do not wish to receive communion, etc).  HTH!
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    Thank you so very much!
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  • mahnkencmahnkenc member
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    I really wanted my husband and I to be able to take communion together during out ceremony but the church would only serve communion if it was offered to everyone attending. Lots of churches have this rule so I would check with your pastor... We ended up opting out simply because it would add an extra 20 minutes to our ceremony... and with kids involved that can be difficult. But the whole idea of taking communion with your husband is awesome!
  • felkelsfelkels member
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    We are doing it!  It is the first act we will do as a married couple.  I look at is as our first act in this new relationship is inviting God to be the center.  We are creating this covenant with HIM first and formost, and because of HIM we can create this covenant togheter.  The stuff above is the history, but this is why we are doing it. 
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