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Foot washing

Hello!  So my FI and I are considering washing each other's feet during the ceremony to model Christ's serving love.  One of my friends told me about this, but I was wondering if anyone has heard of it or has any details on how it is done.

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Re: Foot washing

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    I've never been to a wedding where there was foot washing but I have been a part of foot washing ceremonies in the past.  It seems like you would need two chairs, a basin filled with some water (or a basin and a pitcher filled with some water) and a towel to wipe your feet.  You'll also need to consider the logistics of keeping your dress away from the water, being able to bend down to wash his feet and whether or not to wear shoes which would need to be taken off and put back on.

    Having been through a wedding ceremony myself, I would not have been able to do this because it would have been hard to manuever in my dress, bend down to wash DH's feet and deal with my sandals, but if you really would like to do it, I'm sure you'll find a way.

    Good luck!
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    One of my friends did that for his wedding. I wasn't there to actually see it, though,. I'm sure your pastor can give you more information on it!
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    You got me curious so I checked it out!  To see it in action, go to Youtube and just type in "Foot washing at wedding" and there are several videos!  It was actually easier than I thought!  Hope it helps you out!  A quick summary of the ones I watched - they just have a chair sitting near by and they quickly sit!  She pulls up her dress, he pulled off her shoes!  Voila!  Not as hard as what I visualized in my head!  Hope it helps you out!
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    I think this sounds like a wonderful idea. I have never seen it at a wedding, but a friend of mine was proposed to after her FI washed her feet. I just saw pictures and was in tears over it. It was beautiful!
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    We are having it at our wedding.  My FI wants it.  He has seen it with just the groom washing the bride's feet, and I am okay with that.  I have a wierd thing about touching feet.  Here is how we are going to do it. 

    We will have a chair on one side of the stage with a basin next to it.  We will have a 5 minute song playing.  Do the unity candle, then go over to the chair I will sit and slip off my shoes (remember no nylons!) and he will wash my feet.  then we will get up, and as the song closes we will have communion.  I just hope it works that way!  That is how I see it going atleast!
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    I saw a wedding where it was done, but just the groom did it to the bride. They had a tall bar stool type chair standing behind the pastor and when it was time he just whipped it out and she sat down. The tall bar stool helped because she didn't have to sit all the way, ya know? It was easier in the dress. the basin with water was also with the chair and the groom just took off her shoes.
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    I have been to a wedding recently that washed each others feet. I saw it in the program and had mixed reactions on it. After seeing it with my eyes it was really nice. The ceremony was really long for me though (over an hour) but I knew it was all in the intentions of their love for themselves and God. I think you should do this!!  
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    so my question is, if you are doing the footwashing, how are you having it introduced. we are having it done at our ceremony, but I'm not sure how to introduce it, i've already mentioned it to the pastor, but he doesn't do weddings much, so not sure what we can figure out.. any suggestions
  • this idea just came to me after i saw it on Pinterest! I am thinking of doing it! How awesome would that be! 
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