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Married !!! pictures to follow ... at gettysburg now /honeymoon it's a lovly room ... we had a lil mishap the wedding night with the hotel where our reception was... will recount that story later .... We had a great day except it was just a lil cold for pix outside :) Other then that no complaints except a few people didnt show up and didnt get to talk to everybody but just lil stuff like that ..
my bridal party and now hubby said i did a great job holding it together and didnt really freak out until later after the reception i had a minor freak out moment but nothing crazy ..haha

Will post sometime over the weekend ... :)
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Re: Mrs.LaBarbera

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    congrats!! sorry about the mishap with the hotel on the wedding night! can't wait to see pics
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  • the hotel gave us a smoking room for the "honeymoon" suite... it stank ...it was cold...the bathroom was smaller then ours at the apartment and it really killed "the mood" we were in so we picked up the champagne his uncles left for us as a suprise and got our pillows from my parents house and stayed in our apartment for the first night together which was in my mind a lot nicer...

    Our hotel /lodge at the honeymoon was really nice though so that made up for the awful one two nights before....
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