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7/12 * QOTW - What was the thing

....two part question.

A.   that you couldn't do without for your wedding...i.e. your splurge.

B.   that you wish you could have had for your wedding but couldn't?

So here are my answers.

* My wedding splurge was probably my location.  Everytime I walk in , I get giddy and feel like Cinderalla at the ball!  It's gorgeous!  The ceilings in the are painted to look amazing so everytime I walk in to meet with my event planner I actually enjoy just sitting there!  I cut a few people off my list to make sure I could have my dream wedding at my dream location!

** Part 2 - My 2nd part actually isn't material.  A few weeks ago I found out my grandparents arent able to make it to my wedding.  My paternal granparents are very close to me and my grandmother has been sick lately and just can't travel the 1200 miles to get here.  I never imagined having living grandparents that couldn't be at the wedding.  So if I had known that when I planned it, my wedding would have been in Mobile AL with them just so they could be there.  I know - sob story but true.

Who's next?
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Re: 7/12 * QOTW - What was the thing

  • jgavigan3376jgavigan3376 member
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    What I couldn't do without... My dress! I had originally budgeted $500, but ended up doubling that! We are paying for everything ourselves, so this was a major splurge!

    What I wish I could have... On a similar sentimental note, none of my grandparents will be able to attend. Two have passed away, one grandmother lives in a nursing home, and my other grandfather is blind and does not travel. My FI, on the other hand, will have 6 grandparents there!!! 

    On a practical note, I wish we had it in our budget to afford a videographer.

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  • ccialoneccialone member
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    * My wedding splurge my location! I grew up in Los Angeles and now I live in Buffalo NY. The outdoors is something I love! Being Buffalo, NO ONE does outdoor ceremony's & receptions... But, we found a place, it was pricey probably because they are the only ones that do it! But I love it!! :-) I love it so much that we booked it withouth ever actually seeing it.

    * One thing that you wish you could have had for your wedding but couldn't?..... My dad. He passed away from cancer in 2006. I'll absolutely be missing him.
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  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    A. My biggest splurge items were my venue and my photography.

    B. If we could have one thing we would have a live band!
  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    1) We really don't have a big ticket "splurge" item, but while thinking about decorations, I know I really, really want the shepherd hooks with lanterns lining the aisle for the ceremony, and we can rent them from the florist, so we're trying to be creative with the reception decorations (mostly using the lanterns from the ceremony, the arrangements from the pew cones, and the bridesmaid's bouquets).

    2) There's a GOREGOUS hotel in the city we're getting married in (Hotel Roanoke) that I would have LOVED to have the reception at.  The room rental fees weren't extravagant, but you have to use their restaurant for the food, and that was too much.  Part of me keeps hoping David Tutera will run in, shred our artificial flowers, and move the reception...and have Michael Buble sing.  A girl can dream. :)
  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    cc - sorry about your dad.  My dad's health is very poor and I was afraid that he wouldn't be there for my wedding.  He was there and I felt so blessed.

    A.   that you couldn't do without for your wedding...i.e. your splurge.  We ended up paying more than I ever thought I would pay for photography.  But we didn't do a pro video so I felt I could justify the cost and our photographers did a great job.

    B.   that you wish you could have had for your wedding but couldn't?  I wish that we could have hired a limo to bring us from our wedding venue to our hotel (about an hour and a half drive) but we were too practical to spend the money on that.

    On a side note, we were incredibly blessed to book our venue when we did.  For our reception, it would cost almost double in 2010 what it cost us in 2009!!!  I cannot believe that the prices went up that much in one year.  If we had to pay the 2010 prices, we would not have gotten married there and IMO it was the best detail of our wedding day (other than marrying the man of my dreams, of course!)
  • rbtrumpetrbtrumpet member
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    1) our "splurge" was either my dress or the reception venue - we set our date based on when the reception place was available, but it's really not a "splurge"

    2) I think the only thing I really had my heart set on that I didn't get was a particular DJ - There is one who did a wedding for a freiend last year who was amazing, and I wanted him to do mine, but he was already booked (and out of our price range anyways!)  We ended up finding a (MUCH) cheaper one.

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    1.  My splurge?  Probably my cake topper.  Very silly thing to splurge on, but we had a certain theme going to the wedding and I just WANTED it! 

    2.  I wish I could have a videographer.  I've seen some amazing ones on other websites, like Style Me Pretty, and I think it would have been so cool to have a 'movie' of my day!
  • TwylaB123TwylaB123 member
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    1)  My splurge - my dress.  My brother bought it for me and it was well within the budget we established (my entire outfit used only about 2/3 of his offer), but it still feels extravagant to spend that much money on attire to be worn once.

    2) My wish - my mom.  Mom's been with the Lord for 10 years now, but even in my 40's I still missed her terribly when dress-shopping, planning details she'd laugh at me for fretting over, and thinking about lighting the unity candle without her there to light the candle on my side of the church, and just sharing the experience.  I wouldn't really wish her back--she knew the Lord and is enjoying His presence now--but I do miss her.  Kind of wish my dad could be there too, he's been in heaven 40 years now.

    Edit:  That sounds sort of whiny and sad.  I'm marrying a wonderful man whom I believe the Lord has called me to share my life with.  I'm enjoying planning, am thrilled my brother is giving me away and I'll be surrounded by loads of people who love and care about me.  I just have occasional "sentimental" moments.
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    Splurge: It seems we have splurged on everything! My dress is coming in over double what we expected. We have added another $1000 worth of decorations, and our photography was about 2.5 times more than we wanted. (We never really set a budget, we decided to pay for whatever it is we wanted within reason)

    Wish: We did not book the venue we wanted because it was above our means. The plates started at approx. $10 more per head then our current venue. Another wish is our flowers. We decided to not go with fresh flowers d/t cost and our wedding is in July, and it is often so humid here that the flowers would have wilted before the reception began.
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  • jsimmjsimm member
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    My splurge- Photography.  I have a strong background and interest in Photography, so besides the destination wedding (we live in PA, but having a fall beach wedding on Cape Cod) I knew that the photography had to be my big ticket.  The budget for the whole wedding is less than $15K but the photography sort of fell into place and costs almost 1/3 of that!  We clicked so well with the photog and her assistant... I'm so excited to work with her!  

    What I would love:  I would love to have a classic car transport us for the day.  The Reception is also where we will be staying for the weekend, and is only 5 minutes away from the beach where we are having the ceremony.  It has been nearly impossible finding a car service that doesn't have a million hour minimum to transport us.  I'm still hoping and praying that something will come up!  
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    1) Our splurge was, hands down, our photographer.  I have a discerning eye, and couldn't believe how much people were charging for work I could do, with only my high school yearbook training.  I loved a guy that my friends used a while back and, thanks to a gift from my sister and some discounts, we were able to afford him!

    2) I sort of wish we could have had our friends' dad's 16-piece swing band play at our wedding.  But I know everyone had so much fun dancing to music they knew, so it doesn't break my heart.  That, and we swing danced for our first dance, and my bustle was too long, causing me to trip, fall on my behind, and destory the bustle, so it wouldn't have been very practical!
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