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Wedding Wednesday QOTD

What is one thing you are glad you spent money on at your wedding?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday QOTD

  • Clearly we had to spend money on my dress but it was above our budget by a decently significant amount. I am still in love with it so I'm glad we spent the extra money. We wound up saving a lot in other areas so it made up for it. Even if we hadn't saved a lot in other areas, I know I would have deeply regretted not taking that dress home with me.

  • Easy: photography. Just our engagement pictures alone have me satisified with the price we paid. So excited to take and see our wedding pictures!

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  • My dress.... We paid a lot of money for the venue, but apart from it being really nice - the service has been a little shocking.
  • The venue and a videographer. Our venue was a good chunk of our budget, but because we got married on a Tuesday, we saved 75% off the original fee. The place was so pretty that it saved us on decor because we didn't need to do a whole lot more. The videographer was also a good deal, but definately was a splurge thing but I am so happy we did it!
  • Videographer ... Our photos were fine, but the video caught so many more of those little moments that would otherwise have been forgotten. 
  • My grandma is putting in hefty chunck of change for the reception/food.... Other then that we are saving all over the place and I didnt even go overboard on the dress ... It's actually the shoes that I wanna go crazy for.... Darn me and my expensive taste in shoes and darn Jimmy Choo for making them ....
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  • Our biggest expensse (50% of the budget) was food and drink.  I'm glad we spent the money there, our guests were well-fed, well-drunk (?), the view was phenomenal, service was great, the patio was fabulous, and the late night BBQ food was awesome.

    Other than that, the only thing we sort of "splurged" on was a caricaturist who came and drew pictures of our guests.  It was an expense that was really unnecessary and a non-traditional activity, but our guests had a lot of fun with it.

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    [QUOTE]Videographer ... Our photos were fine, but the video caught so many more of those little moments that would otherwise have been forgotten. 
    Posted by agape1cor813[/QUOTE]

    I totally agree. That along with our venue.
  • DJ and DOC.  There were so many things that went wrong at our wedding, that without a DOC to smooth things over and a DJ to give us and our friends some good music to dance to, I'm sure I would have left the reception early.
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  • Honestly, I don't know.  I didn't want the huge wedding, H did, and my parents (who were footing the bill) sided with him.  However, he couldn't plan his way out of a paperbag and since planning and running events is part of what I do as a stage manager, I planned it.

    I'm glad we have the video, and I'm glad we have the photos.  I kind of wish we could have a do over on photos, as I'd like to be able to have digital copies or even just have the negatives.  Also, our food was delicious.
  • DOC and photography. Our DOC was such a blessing, and I'm so glad we splurged on our photog. His work is phenomenal, and I LOVE our pictures.
  • I know my dress will be expensive, but it will be worth it. I'm picky about what I wear and ball gowns tend to be more expensive anyway. I want the big, massive, poofy cinderella dress but a less than cinderalla worthy everything else...It will completely look out of place, but that suits me. I'm the does-everything-different type of person so it will be me and I seriously think everyone is already prepared for this :)

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  • a photobooth and the venue- the photobooth was really really fun and the venue was stunning!
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  • We spent more on our venue/catering than we had budgetted, made cuts in other areas to compensate BUT can you imagine the photos we're going to get getting married here:

    We also spent quite a bit on our photogs, but we budgetted a larger amount there. I LOVE the engagement photos I had done by them and feel 100 times more comfortable paying to bring them with us rather than getting a photog there I wouldn't get to know first.
  • Another vote for the videographer.. all we have left after the wedding are the memories which are the pictures and the video. I love our pictures, but I love our wedding video even more! There's just something about being able to hear the whole ceremony, watching us walk down the aisle, hearing the speeches, watching our crazy friends out on the dance floor, and reliving the funny moments that you just can't get back without the video.

    I also loved our venue, the views were beautiful and they made everything perfect.
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