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I'm getting married in 3 month and my FH requested that I sing a song to him.. I told him I would if I could find that "perfect" song. So far I've come up with nothing... Any ideas?? THANKS!

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    We're having "When You Say You Love Me" by Josh Groban sung at ours. (By a member of our bridal party though, not by us - I'd be WAY too nervous.)
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    I'm singing "For My Love" by Bethany Dillon at my wedding.
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    It depends on your vocal register, what music you like, your history, the type of wedding, etc... but a personal favorite is Con Te Partiro.  If you look up the translation of the Italian lyrics, it's absolutely beautiful.  It's speaks to me, since my FI and I have been in a long-distance relationship from different countries (the song is about a guy wanting to be with his beloved and go with her no matter where).  Most people don't know what the song is about, so if it were me, I would include a translation in the program.
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