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Hey does anyone know of a Christian wedding planner?

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    Are you looking for a planner or a DOC?  If it's a DOC, does your church offer one?  Our church has a planner/DOC that "comes with" the rental.  She is also a member of the church.  This is very common in our area, so if you're being married in your church I'd check with them.
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    I would suggest posting this on your local board, if you haven't already. I know of some in my area but it would be of no help to you, unfortunately! Good luck!
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    Hmm, I know of about 5 in my area (central NC)... not much help for CA, though.  My church keeps a running list of recommended wedding planners and day-of-coordinators.  If you haven't, check with your church secretary... secretaries know EVERYTHING (or at least where I am, they do!).  

    You might also see if you can find a Wedding Planner's FB profile if you find out that they work for a wedding planning business.  Some people do list their religious belief on the public information they allow on FB, and you might find someone who lists Christian or whatever your denomination of Christianity is.  

    Hope that helps in some way... good luck!! :-) 
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    Like pp said my planner come with the church. She is such a blessing!!!
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