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Need of photographer (prayer request)

So since I have been engaged, a lot of craziness has happened in my family. This has prevented us from getting one big thing taken care I'm getting close to the 5month mark and I know it will be hard to find a photographer as the wedding date nears. Please pray that God will lead my parents and I to the right photographer who will be able to capture this special day in just the right way. TIA
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Re: Need of photographer (prayer request)

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    I can hear the stress in your post.  Just remember to keep a "God has a solution" mindset -- if one doesn't work out or isn't available when you call, keep calling more.  Eventually God will pull up the right person for your photography!! 

    Praying for you! 
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    God is never late and is always on time. I see this everyday. God has someone already for you; just be patient and P.U.S.H (pray until something happens)
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    I see that you are from central Florida. When exactly is your wedding? One of my best friends from high school is a photographer (she did our engagement pics and is doing our wedding). Her parents and her husband's parents still live here in PA but she and her husband live in central Florida and her business is based there! She just began her business about two years ago, but worked with a photographer for 5 years before that and she is AMAZING! I absolutely love her work. I don't know what her availability is like around your wedding- I know the summer months are busy for her- but it couldn't hurt to ask! If you want her information, PM me and I will give it to you. 
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