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My BM's Mary Kay Gifts arrived today!

Okay... major CHECK: my bridesmaids gift bags are DONE!!  I was able to see my Mary Kay rep at her annual open house a couple of weeks ago and the items all arrived today.  She's SO AWESOME!  She put them in the cosmetic bags I asked for, and included some freebies for me and for them!  
So here's what's in each bag now: 

-eye shadow plus applicator brush and foam applicator
-mini-lip liner
-mini- eye liner
-oil-free eye makeup remover
-indulge smoothing eye mask (kind of like Clinique's eye refresher gel, fantastic stuff)
-"raisinberry" lipstick (from the neutrals)
-sample size scented body lotion
-nail clippers and nail file
-nail polish remover pads (individually packaged)
-package of travel kleenex
-1 mini-roll of Tums!  (you'd be surprised how nice it is to have that when you're traveling to a wedding!)
-small pack of facial cotton pads
-Mary Kay cosmetic bag

I'm SOOOO Excited!!  It's not until July, and I plan on giving them their gift bags about 2 weeks before the wedding at a luncheon or something, so they can go ahead and start pampering themselves.  All that garbage about "it's not a gift if it's for the wedding day" ... I don't believe that mess, because these products are intended for us to have a chance to pamper themselves, and for the ladies to match colors.  

Now... I get to pamper myself too... I got the "Satin Lips Mask" and "Satin Lips Lip Balm" so I can keep my lips in tip-top shape through this cold weather, and I'm also going to try the new "Velocity" facial cleanser and moisturizer to see if it helps keep me from having as many break-outs, plus the acne treatment gel for those random spots that pop up.  

I also got the nail color (mystic mauve) and crystal shimmer top coat - 1 set for me and 1 set for my MOH.  I managed to get my mom a gift too-- the Satin Hands gift set, and a gift certificate for her favorite MKay products!!  Oh, and one final thing... a travel size of "Tide to Go" in case of any clothing issues. That one went in my MOH's gift bag.  

Oh, and I'm adding my favorite chocolates to the bag before I give them the gifts.  Yummy, Lindor Truffles!! 

Sorry this got a little too bubbly, I promise I am actually almost 27 and not that immature... I'm just so EXCITED!!  Every day the wedding is closer.  I think the count today is 238 days away.  :-) 

July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

Re: My BM's Mary Kay Gifts arrived today!

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    Oh yeah, and I got part of my FI's Christmas present -- Mary Kay Men's shave foam and body spray... that stuff smells amazing.  When I smelled the sample at the Mary Kay rep's open house, I immediately thought of my FI.  I knew it was the right scent for him.  I've been looking for a while to find him a scent but with all of the Old Spice and Axe on the shelves at most drug stores, it's hard to get a clear sniff of each scent.  

    Okay, I'm done bubbling now... just had to share with fellow Knotties!! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    That's exciting!  And I agree, unless your "gift" is buying them their dresses, whatever you give to your bridesmaids with thoughtfulness is a gift.
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    Yay, that's exciting! They will love them! Lindor truffles are one of my favorites too, yum! 
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