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Question for you ladies

My FH & I are working through our pre-marital counseling work book ( and more often than not I feel (he has agreed) that we're going through a Bible study. We're torn on this, because while we love diving into God's word together, we're not big fans of how... "cheesy" this book is. Now, we're going to finish it because it's part of our counseling. But my question is do you have any recommendations for Bible studies geared towards couples that aren't cheesy? I'm all for "learning to communicate" and "building intimacy" and what-not, but really I just want to get into the Bible with my FH. 

Sitting down and picking passages to read together isn't the best option for us, because I feel like unless we have a "goal", we won't do it. Plus we can't ever decide on where to start, haha. So I guess I'm looking for maybe a guideline or reading plan for us to go through together? I'm not sure.

Re: Question for you ladies

  • DH and I have yet to find anything like that.  When we get some time...eventually...we actually want to write one.  We did "Night Lights" by James Dobson and liked it, although I think it will be more applicable a few years down the road, and we're currently going through "Quiet Times for Couples."

    Also, if you're looking for Christian-based marriage prep that is NOT a bible study, check out "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" by Les & Leslie Parrot.  There is a book to read together, as well as workbooks for men and women.  
  • We're going through "The Meaning of Marriage" by Timothy Keller in our premariatl class. It's fantastic. I grew up in the church and feel like I've read everything and it's the same old stuff. I've listened to a lot of relationship/marriage series and read all the books. (I read the one you're doing and I wasn't a huge fan either). I feel like my understanding of marriage is different and just in 3 weeks I've learned so much.
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  • I agree with nwwoodsybride, 'The Meaning of Marriage" is a great book because it challenges what you think about marriage and Christianity and opens up your perspective. A lot of it is stuff I've heard/read before, but discussing it with my FI (who is a newer Christian than me) and our pastor has brought up some fantastic conversations and is helping us so much!
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