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Hi. I just saw that you are the new mod of the board - congrats! I lurk but rarely post these days. I used to mod the board but I got married in October 2009 and after I had been married for a year or two, I felt that it would be better for someone closer to their wedding date to take over so Ashley took the reins.

The reason I'm posting this is that I was just looking at your blog and noticed that you are in a LDR. I met my DH through a friend and we had a LDR for our entire relationship until after we were married. He was in Upstate NY and I was in Maryland (where we are now). It was so hard but I really felt like we got to know each other better because we were forced to communicate - we couldn't just be hanging out watching TV/movies or do things that didn't involve communication. I really feel like it was a blessing for us.

Southwest Airlines went nonstop between our cities so we flew to see each other as often as we could. Back then it was a bit cheaper to fly. He proposed to me in the place where we had met - BWI Airport.  I tease him that he did it there so that he could run through security and never see me again if I said no. Smile (Not that I would have said no!)

I just wanted to wish you well as mod of this board and with your wedding planning.


Re: **lplions**

  • :) Thanks!! 

    That is one thing that my FH & I have been extremely thankful for. We were lucky to be close distance for a few months, but have been LD for about 80% of our relationship. We are surprisingly enough, thankful that God has put us in this situation because it has forced us to talk through our problems/arguments instead of just slamming doors or driving away.

    PS Your picture in your sig - gorgeous. :)
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