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Sad Day. :(

If you ladies could pray for peace for me I'd really appreciate it!!  My kitty got hit by a car some time late Saturday night.  :(  My hubby's Papa found him early Sunday morning after it had rained, at the bottom of the driveway in the road and told Clint.  He didn't look like anything was really wrong with him, like he had been hit hard and didn't feel it.  Clint buried him and got his collar and told me yesterday after lunch and I'm still pretty upset.  I'm one of those "animals that are pets are family, and are just as important to me as a child" so it's kinda rough.  I'll be ok - just feeling kind of gloomy, plus it's been rainy all day today and yesterday, which doesn't help.

Thanks ladies!!  This was my August:

Re: Sad Day. :(

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