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I had my alterations and....

they went fine! All that needed to be done was taking in on either side. It only cost $65. Thank goodness! Guess I was all freaked out for nothing huh? :)

Re: I had my alterations and....

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    oh joyful!!! thats awesome!!!! (: 

    oh..i cant wait to get my dress in!!!!!! 
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    Woohoo!!!  Congrats on saving some major $$!
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    Lucky!  My appointment is and I are prepared for ~$250.  It needs to be taken in and hemmed, and from what I read in the reviews on DB's website, the lace at the bottom of the sheer overlay has to be removed and sewn back, which apparently makes it more expensive.  If only I could handle 5" heels. Undecided
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    aw Emily oh no! I pray that they find some places to save you money. I was prepared to pay that much as well, because I had no idea what to expect.
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    I'm excited for you, Joyful! That is so great the alterations were so cheap.

    And Emily, I hope your alterations don't actually cost that much. Between homecoming, prom, and other weddings I've been in, I've given DB a small fortune in alteration costs. They suck! :(
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    awww happy for you, but so jealous! I'm spending over $300 on alterations for mine.... ugh!
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    That's great, what a relief!

    Mine are estimated the same as some of you ladies, in the $250-$300 range for taking in side seams, hem, and bustle.

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    Emily - I had a lace overlay dress, and here's what I remember about alterations cost:
    hem = $120 on lace overlay dress
    taking up shoulders = $35
    3-point over bustle plus 1 point overbustle (on the satin underlayer) = $50

    Don't know if those would be anything like what you'll get, but that's what I paid at DB (I didn't have to get the hem, thank GOD, but I was prepared to, just in case).

    ~ good luck, girl~ 
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    That's good, Joyful! Glad it went well!

    Emily- I hope you don't have to pay that much. I need mine hemmed, taken in at the waist, the straps need shortened, a bustle needs put in and a "modesty panel" is being added- and with all that, it's still going to be under $200- DB quoted me at way more and that was without the modesty panel. Do you know anyone who does alterations besides DB? They have great dresses, but I have heard they do tend to overcharge on the alterations. 
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    Awesome! What a nice surprise to not break the bank on alterations :)

    My dress is a corset back so hem and bustle are the only alterations I'll need - I'm hoping for ~$100

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    I thought mine were going to be in the $100 range - but then I kept adding stuff for my mom's friend (the seamstress) to do so she just keeps adding dollar signs lol.  I think I'm looking at $250 by now, maybe even $300..... :P

    Yay for not having a lot done!!

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