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So my STDs are going out this weekend!!!! Be on the lookout.  I took your advice and sent one addressed to you and Charlie to his address.  You two can fight over it lol.  I also sent 2 to his aunts one for her family one for his g-ma.

I ordered by dress today for your wedding!  They had my size in stock but that dress had something fishy with the seam and was missing the eye hook on the zipper.  They said they could fix it for me but I was like...Oh i'm not in a rush lets just order it.  Also, an ordered dress means no one else has had it on.  It will be here beginning of March.  I'm excited there shouldnt be any alterations but if you need it shorter let me know!( I know I'm really really short so a knee length dress can be too long for me.)

We are getting to crunch time now!  I wanted to ask have you two done invitations yet?  Thomas is constructing them for us.  And its making it really cheap for that--you can see my extended detail on the NC board or the June 2011 board.  Its titled AW Wow I can't believe...
I'm so excited for the next few months!

We need to talk more often I'm just swamped with stuff yuck!

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    Aw, thanks for paging me on here!!!!  I'm SOOO excited for your dress (and mine too, SQUEAL!!!)  I'm going next week to try on a few BM dresses to find one I like for the rehearsal.  Might end up ordering the BM dress with the matching bolero for that, or maybe just to keep that for some other company party or something, fun, fun!!!

    My mom and I are kind of battling over invitations... I know what she wants but I would rather do a more modern invite... so the jury's still out on that.  The one thing I do know is that it will probably be thermography printing (the raised ink).  I looked at letterpress printing and loved it, but it's more expensive than we were thinking about for invitations budget.  Hmm...

    Hope your semester is starting off well... some days I wish I was back in college.  Today, however, we had a snow day and they called us and said the campuses were dangerous and that we will have to make up our teacher workday on Saturday, URRRRRGGGGH.  I am skipping that mess and making up my part-time hours on Thursday morning.  :-) 

    I guess we can see how long it is when it comes in... on Erin (lil bro's girlfriend), it hit her right at the top of her kneecap.  Don't know if that would be okay with you, but if you need help hemming it, my mom is AWESOME at sewing and you might save a little $$ there if you want (I'll ask her next week after her tooth stops hurting, she's a little grumpy this week!).   Long story... mom has a temporary crown on her tooth until they put the permanent crown on this Tuesday, so we expect her to be less "barky" after all that is done!!!

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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