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NWR - Frustration / question

So today is Thursday, tomorrow is pay day, and I have NO idea what I am making!! So frustrating.  A little back story, my company pays the closest Friday to the 15th of every month, and that pays us for the 1st to the 30th (I am salaried and only get paid once a month). April is pay raise month. I got great marks (4.3 out of 5) on my review so I know I will be getting something and yet I have no idea what it is. It is the most furstrting thing ever!! I will be up until midnight tonight waiting for my check to go in the bank to see what the increase is. Incredibly frustrating. And I guess question, is it right for a company not to tell you what you are making? I mean I have been working for 2 weeks at whatever my new pay is and yet i don't know what it is. 

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