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No-dancing, dry reception ideas

We're not having alcohol or dancing at our reception but want everyone to have a fun time. I'm probably going to do some version of a photobooth/photo guest book during what would be the "cocktail" hour to keep people busy while we finish up pictures. After that we'll be having a buffet dinner. I want to spend time with our family and friends so I don't want an eat and run reception..any suggestions for ways to keep it lively and fun. We probably won't hire a DJ since there is no dancing, but I've considered having a band or some kind of entertainment.
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Re: No-dancing, dry reception ideas

  • my home church has just recently gotten a new pastor and he has decided that no music can be played during the reception, much to my displeasure... At least you can have music! lucky girl lol, i'm jealous!
  • Hello, so I'm wondering. Have you had your wedding yet? If so, how did it go? Was it fun? What did you do. I am also looking for help on that.
  • We're planning to have both dancing and beer/wine, but have other things in mind, too. We're having our wedding at a place that's essentially a campsite. We're definitely having a campfire, but I'm also thinking some lawn games and scavenger hunt for the kids and maybe a photo scavenger hunt for the adults.
  • I have a friend who is having an afternoon reception. Following lunch, they will be having coffee, a dessert bar, and board/card games.
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