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Our wedding announcement in paper

This is one those Knot AW moments, but I'd like to think it means Attention Women as opposed to something else. :-)

My fiance and I had our wedding announcement in the paper this morning.  This paper, which is owned by the Washington Post, is read by everyone on their way to work on Metro.  My FI came down and visited me today, and he said it was surreal seeing people reading it next to him but not recognizing him in the next seat.  It was fun seeing friends get all surprised seeing it, though FI was disconcerted all his old colleagues from work found it!

Anyways, sorry for talking about myself.  I was just super excited, since I've been reading the wedding announcements for years in this paper.

Re: Our wedding announcement in paper

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    Yay!!!  Love seeing yourself in the paper, right!!  :-) 

    My FI's grandma has been pushing us for e-pics so she can put an announcement in the paper too.  We're meeting with our photographer tomorrow night, and he's going to snap a few candids and  maybe 1 newspaper worthy shot while he's here. :-) 
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    So cool! My grandma wants us to put one in the paper, but I don't know
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    Ours just went in the paper too. I would be okay with not announcing it, but my parents were really excited to do it, so I let them ;)
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    AWesome! (I capitalized the AW on purpose - of course this is something that is AW worthy!!)

    We share a pet name (I won't say which one but it is one of the ones in the article).  It is so hard to remember not to use it in front of other people because I'd be so embarrassed. 

    We didn't have an announcement published because my parents and I don't live in the towns where I grew up so I just didn't do it.  DH is not an AW so he didn't do it where he lives.  So your FI is down visiting you?  Smile
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    So cute!!  FMIL just put the announcement in and I proofed it before she did.  :P  Ours came out Wednesday - it's fun!!

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    Thanks, everyone.  Bridestobebecause, you should share your announcement!  I'd be interested in seeing it.

    It's funny... I don't mind posting cutsey stuff in the paper, but my FI doesn't like to AW stuff.  Today he sent me a photo of the wedding announcement that is posted on the wall of his old job.  Someone took the picture and sent it to him.  FI didn't want that to happen, as he wants to be the "tough and cool guy" as opposed to the "cute guy" even though the former isn't him.  It's funny, because no one at my work found out about it.  

    Yup, FI is down visiting from Boston.  He's on spring break.
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    So cute!  That's such a great picture of you guys, and I liked the story about your first kiss - you didn't want to let him!  :D

    I know that I'll be doing a wedding announcement after the wedding, but I don't know about an engagement announcement.  I mean, we have the pics so why not, but I just haven't thought much about it.
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