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Attempting to post pix onto photobucket so i can post the link on here for you lovly ladies .

Been married 3 weeks... Hubby has been off work so he is doing the cooking/cleaning mostly. I know theres stuff I need to get to but I'm so tied up with school work it's really hard to keep on top of putting it away it's terrible ! lol

My son is adjusting well... He is sometimes calling my hubby Dad... it comes and goes... he isnt totally used to it yet but it's so sweet when he does call him Dad and I know my hubby feels good when he does .

Yesterday my MOH had her bridal shower it was alot of fun and now the roles are reversed [except i'm not her MOH , but i am a bridesmaid ] .. We played a really fun shower game with her answering questions and beforehand her sister asked her FI the same questions and if he had answerd it wrong she had to eat a sour pacth kid ! Her sister had such fun with it , suhc a riot I recommend this for anyone who has a shower... You get to know the bride better and the groom because she asked some of the same questions about her FI that she had to answer about him ... So fun

And that's my update . I will try to get pix up soon
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