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busy day tomorrow...

I am working my second substituting job tomorrow. I'll be teaching elementary P.E. all day (indoors due to weather...yes, even in Florida, its supposed to get below freezing tonight!) and then I'll have about 1.5 hours off, then working a 5 hour shift at Starbucks, learning how to do the closing shift. We'll see how this all goes. I could definitely use your thoughts and prayers during what I'm sure will be a very busy day!

Re: busy day tomorrow...

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    Get plenty of sleep!  Lol.
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    Have a cup or two of coffee at job #2  :-)

    Seriously, hope all goes well.  I'm sure it will.
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    Good luck with your day. Also, AWESOME movie in your sig. It is how we started the Christmas season growing up every year.
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    Sorry, I 'm late on this (as usual). Hope it went well! 
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    Everything went great! I really enjoyed the school I subbed at and I really hope I get to go back. I would LOVE to get a job there for next year...! It was a school where the kids still actually seem to have their rare nowadays. Barring at Starbucks was great, as usual...I asked one of the other baristas tonight how long she worked there (3 years) and I asked if it always stays fun and she said yes :) So yay! I made it through and actually had FUN! Who knew? :-P
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    Part of me is a little jealous in a way... hope that flatters you!!! :-) 
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