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New here :)

Hi ladies! I've been lurking around on here and finally decided to join in on the fun! I have so many questions and hope you ladies can help me!

How do/did you ladies stay organized while planning?

Re: New here :)

  • Welcome! There's a great group of women here.

    I stayed organized by keeping a folder of wedding related items on my desktop on my computer. This was everything from contracts to inspiration pictures to ideas for vendors. I was also very blessed to have my mom's best friend as a planner of sorts. She used to own a wedding planning business, but after she had kids, she closed her business. She still knew a lot of the vendors and the best deals and had a great check list for me.
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  • Welcome to the board!

    I also have a folder on my computer just for wedding stuff. I also have a folder in my browser bookmarks specifically for wedding related sites.  It makes it a lot easier to keep track of potential vendors.  Also, Excel can be your best friend. We've used it so far for our budget, our guest list, and our tentative seating chart.  Other than that, the checklists that you can find on most wedding sites are pretty helpful.
  • WElcome!   I kept all my wedding things in a box in my room.  They were sorted by planning journal, contracts and recipts.  I also used a daytimer to write down all the meetings I had with various vendors.
  • Welcome! 
    I have a folder in my computer for ideas and anything that has to be written down, and a drawer in my room for any other papers and junk. :-)
  • welcome! I agree with everything that has been said. I had a 3-ring notebook that had everything in it. Copies of contracts, etc.
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