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QOTW - Week of 4/10/2011 - Music

We've talked a little bit about music in the past, but I'm looking for the info again as our question of the week.

What music are you using for:

Ceremony?  (Will you have someone sing or will the congregation sing?)
First Dance?
Father/Daughter Dance?
Mother/Son Dance?
Cake Cutting?
Other Reception Music?

Anything else to add?

Re: QOTW - Week of 4/10/2011 - Music

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    iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    Prelude?We had a worship band play/sing worship songs for about 1/2 hour before the start of our ceremony.
    Processional?Pachelbel's CanonJesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Ceremony?  (Will you have someone sing or will the congregation sing?)We had two song's - sung by friends:Honestly - of Me -
    Recessional?Ode to Joy
    First Dance?Forever Yours -
    Father/Daughter Dance?  We didn't have oneMother/Son Dance? We didn't have one
    Cake Cutting?  How Sweet It Is (James Taylor)
    Other Reception Music?*We did random songs for our appetizer hour and I picked several as they were the favorite songs of my sisters, MIL, BILs, nephew and nieces.*For dinner hour we played Louie Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole and Harry Connick Jr.*After dinner we had dancing with my favorite dance songs mostly from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
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    Sounds great, Lisa! 
    All of our ceremony music will be played on piano only. No organ or other  instrumentalists or cd's or anything, just piano.
    Prelude (music as guests enter)- God With Us/Here With Me by Mercy Me
    Seating of mothers/grandmothers- I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me
    Bridesmaids' entrance- Canon in D
    Processional (my entrance)- Romantic Wedding March by Miranda Wong
    Ceremony- My bridesmaid/friend will sing When God Made You by Newsong/Natalie Grant
    Recessional- Forever by Chris Tomlin
    First Dance- Hold You Up by Matthew West
    Father/Daughter Dance- I Loved Her First by Heartland
    Mother/Son Dance- Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Cake Cutting- Haven't decided yet
    Other Reception Music- Anniversary dance- Through the Years by Kenny RogersLast dance- At Last by Etta James sung by my bridesmaid/friend
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    GJones27GJones27 member
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    Prelude: Don't even know what this is! 
    Processional: Um, we're having an organ play music, that's all I know.
    Ceremony: Greek Orthodox chants
    Recessional: the what? (as you can tell, I'm not really sure what's going on during the wedding, and we're 49 days away)
    First Dance: Come What May from Moulin Rouge
    Father/Daughter Dance: A Greek dance
    Mother/Son Dance: A Brazilian dance
    Cake Cutting: Wanna Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler
    Other Reception Music: We have an awesome playlist where we skip most of the music from the 1960's to the 1980's.  We'll also have lots of international music since I'm Greek-American, FI is Japanese-Brazilian, and we met in Germany.
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    What music are you using for:

    Prelude? There's a mix of piano music my pianist is playing

    Processional? Canon in D and Jesu, Joy of a Man's Desiring

    Ceremony?  My uncle is singing but I need to find out what he plans on singing so I can get music to my pianist

    Recessional? Shine Jesus Shine

    Other Reception Music? During the reception we are going to have a CD of insturmental blue grass hymns playing

    Anything else to add? Before the processional we will have a photomontage of us growing up When I Say I Do by Matthew West is the song we picked for it. BTW thanks CW Knotties for helping us pick out the song :).
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    fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    PRELUDE- on CD

    Hold You Up- Matthew West
    Sun Down- Iver

    When Did You Fall- Chris Rice

    Worth It- Francesca Battistelli

    Dancing in the Minefields- Andrew Peterson

    Waiting For You- Matthew West

    Hundred More Years- Francesca Battistelli


    Parent’s Prayer- Steven Curtis Chapman-  (my aunt & uncle singing)


    For the Beauty of the Earth- (my worship pastor playing/singing rest of music)


    Alla Luce Del Dio- Mark Magnuson


    The Doxology

    A Page is Turned- Bebo Norman


    Love Never Fails- Brandon Heath


    When I Say I Do- Matthew West


    Selection from Throne Room- John Williams
    I’m Taking You With Me- Relient K

    The Best Thing- Relient K

    Must Have Done Something Right- Relient K

    I'll Be There for You (FRIENDS theme song)- The Rembrandts

    FIRST DANCE- trying to pick between:
    The Day Before You- Matthew West
    Everything- Michael Buble
    God Gave Me You- Dave Barnes
    Light of Day- Jimmy Needham
    Love Is Not a Fight- Warren Barfield

    Walk With You- Edwin McCain



    Other Reception Music?
    Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, etc.

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    DramaGeekDramaGeek member
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    Harpist's choice

    • Seating of the grandparents: Always - Irving Berlin (harp) 
    • Can't remember for seating of the mothers
    • Candlelighting: The Wedding Song - Paul Stookey (sung with accoustic guitar) 
    • H and Officiant: Doubly Good to You - Amy Grant (sung with accoustic guitar)
    • Wedding Party: Love - Disney's Robin Hood (harp)
    • Bride and Father: Candle on the Water - Disney's Pete's Dragon (harp)

    Ceremony?  (Will you have someone sing or will the congregation sing?)
    • In lieu of reading: Love - Petra (sung with accoustic guitar)
    • Unity Candle: I Will be There - Steven Curtis Chapman (sung with accoustic guitar)

    Take me out to the Ball Game - sung by guests, accompanied by organ

    First Dance?
    What I Really Want to Say - Steven Curtis Chapman

    Father/Daughter Dance?
    (You'll Always Be) My Little Girl - Steve Kirwan

    Mother/Son Dance?

    Cake Cutting?

    Other Reception Music?
    Most of the music was special to us for one reason or another - Barbara Ann, Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California, Devil Went Down to Georgia...but they were just played as dancin' music.  The only other specila songs were "Santa Clais is Coming to Town" when Santa Claus entered the reception and "American Pie" when we left in a 57 Chevy.
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    squeakyducksqueakyduck member
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    I really wanted to walk down the asile to Once Upon a Time...Storybook Love from the Princess Bride, but that's considered secular music and not allowed in my church. However, we can use it for the prelude. So I think I'd like that one and then maybe toss in some Beatles too. And maybe the Peanuts song. (Charlie Brown Peanuts, that is.)

    Processional: No idea for the bridesmaids yet, but I am toying with the idea of Ode to Joy for my walking. I know it's usually a recessional song, but I like it. 
    Communion: Matt's brother is composing a song. I don't know anything about it other than that. 

    Recessional: Well, I wasted Ode to Joy on the Processional, so maybe we can just do that one again. (Can you tell I haven't given this a whole lot of thought to yet?)

    And we aren't dancing at our reception and I'm not planning anything special for cake cutting or anything. My mom's in charge of the ipod playlist because I can only do so much. 

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    Jesus, Bleibet Meine Freude (Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring)


    Air (Suite III), Bridal Party
    Canon in D, Bride


    Having a good friend sing Be Thou My Vision and invite people to sing along


    Have no idea

    First Dance?

    Everything, by Michael Buble

    Father/Daughter Dance?

    Daddy's Little Girl, by Michael Buble

    Mother/Son Dance?

    My Wish, Rascal Flatts

    Cake Cutting?

    How Sweet it Is, Marvin Gaye

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    We are having a man named Garrett Viggers do our ceremony music on the hammered dulcimer. this is his wedding promo video.

    Prelude?30 minutes of playing, including Falling Slowly (Once Soundtrack. the song in the promo video), and Love Story (taylor swift)
    Processional?-I will be walking to 'You're Beautiful' by Phil Whickam-idk what the girls will be walking to yet. lol. -family seating will be Bach Cello Suite 1 (original modern rendition)-Communion - Be Thou My Vision
    Ceremony?  (Will you have someone sing or will the congregation sing?)Recessional?-not sure yet. lol
    First Dance?no clue. Although i like Francessca Battisteli 'Hundred More Years'
    Father/Daughter Dance?none
    Mother/Son Dance?Dont know yet.

    Cake Cutting????
    Other Reception Music??
    Anything else to add?We will be figuring out more of the music when my FI is home. hehe. 
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    azdancer8azdancer8 member
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    Before the ceremony we had a CD with some of our favorite contemporary Christian songs on it playing in the background.

    Prelude - Love Is Not A Fight by Warren Barfield
    Processional - The Break of Dawn and A New Beginning (both composed by DH) :)

    Ceremony - When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban - sung by member of wedding party

    Recessional - I'm Taking You With Me by Relient K

    First Dance - I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman
    Father/Daughter Dance and Mother/Son Dance - combined - My Wish by Rascal Flatts

    Cake Cutting - (our DJ chose something)

    Anniversary Dance - You're Still  the One by Lee Dewyze

    Reception Music - we had a mix of Country, Contemporary Christian, Swing, and Oldies so our guests could have fun dancing to whatever they were comfortable with.
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    Prelude? Still thinking about it.
    Processional? Cannon in D for the Wedding party, Bridal Chorus for me.
    Ceremony? Still thinking about it
    Recessional? Wedding March for out exit and we are still trying to figure out a song to follow as the guest leave. 
    First Dance? The Music Stopped-Glenn Miller
    Father/Daughter Dance? I Wish you Love- Frank Sinatra or Les Brown. 
    Mother/Son Dance? Not having one.
    Cake Cutting? Oh gosh I wasn't even aware we picked a song for this. Probably just what the band is playing at the time.
    Other Reception Music? We are having a big band at out wedding. so lots of Glenn Miller, Quincy Jones, Les Brown and other like big band orchestra music. 
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    kitkat610kitkat610 member
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    “Largo” Hande – Girls and Family

    “Air on a G String”  Bach


    “Cannon in D”  Pachelbel

    Ceremony?  (Will you have someone sing or will the congregation sing?)

    My best friend is singing "Feels Like Home" with slightly different lyrics


    “Spring”  Four Seasons  Vivaldi

    First Dance?

    “True Companion”  Marc Cohen - fiance's choice

    “God Gave Me You”  Dave Barnes - one of a couple other options that I like

    Father/Daughter Dance? not sure yet
    Mother/Son Dance? not sure yet
    Cake Cutting? not sure yet
    Other Reception Music?not sure yet
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