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The stress is starting to get to me...

My wedding is next month (holy cow, I just typed *next month*), and I'm getting emotional over silly little things. I'm SO tired of being in a LDR, and just want to be married to FI and not have to plan a wedding anymore. I'm even missing my mother a lot right now, and as a general rule, I don't. (I think I'm just tired of being alone at home overall.) I know it's because everything is so close now, and the pressure is building. FI and I have put a lot of effort into our wedding day and honeymoon, and I want it to be special, but I don't want to stress myself out this much. Please pray that I stay calm and that things work out according to God's will.

Re: The stress is starting to get to me...

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    Me too. Don't forget to breath and relax. This only happens once so enjoy the time with you FI as much as you can and trust and believe that everything will work out and be okay because it will be. :)
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    You will get through!!! I know that I'm not as close (6 months out) but I do feel it. I just logged in and the pop up said 193 days...I swear it was just at 200 yesterday and I was freaking out to FI about that...! Yikes, it really DOES fly! Imagine how good it will feel when the day comes though!
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    My wedding is almost a full year away, and I can feel it too, haha.  Just know that I'll be praying for you!
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    I will pray for you. One month will fly by and you and your HUSBAND will be together! Yay! Don't stress about the planning. Remember, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you are married to the man you are so deeply in love with. Focus on your love and everything else will fall into place. 

    As for being alone- you can always pass the time by going on theknot. When I come on here, I look at the clock after a loooong time and realize it's way past my bedtime... haha like it is now! Goodnight! 
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    Hee hee. Yeah, I spend WAY more time on TK than I should right now. I lurk more than I post, but it's where I get ideas and encouragement from. :) I like going to the month board before mine to see what I have in store and catch planning tips. Shh.....don't tell anyone! ;)
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    i will definitely keep you in prayer...i think this is just a sensitive time, we're all going through a major transition! i COMPLETELY understand missing your mom. i was home, in ohio, for a couple weekends in november & i just wanted to stay. nevermind, my responsibilities in chicago. hahaha.
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    Woot, next month!!!  WOW!!!  

    I'm still 7 months away, and I'm stressed too.  I find that if I journal my thoughts about the wedding, even if it's just "I was thinking about this item today for the cake cutting..." blah blah... it helps me to get the thoughts out of my head that are wedding related.  Actually, that is what has helped me to focus more on work and be mentally present while I'm at work.  My colleagues have noticed too because they ACTUALLY have started asking about wedding stuff since I'm pretty quiet about it.  

    I'll hold you in my prayers for peace and wisdom in this last month of prep before your big day!! 
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