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a little bit of encouragement!

so a girl i'm friends with on facebook posted this note the other day and i just thought i'd share it with you ladies as a little bit of encouragement since i know some of us are finishing up school and getting close to our big days!
some of them may or may not apply, but it really got me thinking about my priorities

I Am Thankful For large tuition bill

because I'm getting a great education.

...working late at night

because it means I get paid to talk with great people.

...having to pay rent 

because it means I have a place to live.

...the disagreements [FI] and I have

because I have a man who will never leave me.


ecause I have the tools and resources to keep learning on my own.

...rainy days

because I don't have to spend much time on my hair.

...the man who sings off key behind me at church

because it means I have ears to hear and have freedom to worship together.


because we are able to communicate ideas with one another.

...having to pay taxes

because it means I have a job.

...tired eyes

because my second-grade teacher taught me how to read.

...sore and achy feet

because I am able to walk.

...a full, tight schedule

because I'm not bored or idle.

...Hebrew tests and quizzes

because I am priviliged to know a biblical language.

...clothes that fit a little too snug

because I have enough to eat.

...hard and difficult classes

because I have to stay present and engaged.

...desperately missing my family

because I have a family whom I desperately love.

...the alarm clock that goes off too soon in the morning

because I am still alive.

Re: a little bit of encouragement!

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    GJones27GJones27 member
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    Wow, I really liked that!  It's also so unique, refreshing, and thoughtful.  I definitely like the whole alarm clock thing, too, since I had to wake up at 5 this morning... ugh...
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    That's a great list! 

    One thing I have become more thankful for is my ability to walk normally -- I had a stress fracture in my foot two years ago, and it re-injured itself last year.  I had a cast on my foot both times, then moved into a removable boot, and back into tennis shoes.  I get frustrated sometimes because one foot has more "flesh" on the top where the swelling hasn't quite come down yet, but then I start praising God that he has worked to heal my foot in a way that allows me to walk normally.  I'm going back to the doctor (hopefully) next week to make sure everything is still okay with the foot, but I also am halfway anticipating another immobilizing removable boot for a month or two to help my foot continue to heal.  We shall see!!

    Another thing I've been thankful for lately is my voice -- so many teachers I know are having voice issues, like nodules and cysts growing on the vocal cords, and I'm so thankful that I don't have to deal with that, at least right now.  I'm hoping to never have to deal with that, so I try every day to make sure I am not talking too loud for too long. 

    Praise the lord that I have a mortgage payment, even though I don't live there... because now my family and extended family will be blessed to be able to stay at the townhouse near the beach when they want to go on vacation.  I wish so badly that I didn't have the mortgage payment, but I know what it's paying for, and I'm going to keep pushing forward to earn $$ to keep things afloat. 

    It's a new take on it, for sure!  Thanks for posting your list.  I needed that this morning!!
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    mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    That is a great new perspective. :)
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    wow! i LOVE that!!! it is a good thing to be thankful!!!!
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    Very cool!!  :)

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    azdancer8azdancer8 member
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    I like that. It's very inspirational. :)
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    Thanks so much for sharing that!
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    That's great! Thanks for sharing! 
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