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AW: I'm finally back as a MRS! (edited to add PIPs)

WHEW!  What an ordeal, haha.  I will try to recap everything the best I can.  I don't have pro pics yet and there are surprisingly few non-pro pics, so I don't really have much of those to post. I have added some PIPs at the bottom!

Several things went wrong with the wedding.  One GM showed up an hour late pre-ceremony for pictures.  One GM left without saying goodbye right after the grand entrance.  The DJ was supposed to play one long song for both the parent and WP processional - but he read my directions wrong and played it twice (one time for each processional).  My bouquet was wilted and didn't have pearls in it like it was supposed to.  There weren't supposed to be flowers on either of the cakes, and they were both covered with and surrounded by flowers.  People started eating dinner during the cocktail hour.  People were eating cupcakes off the cupcake tower before the cake cutting.  One of my SILs wore a white dress.  That same SIL knocked red candles over on me and RUINED my wedding dress, along with most of the pictures of the night.  During THAT commotion, DH and I missed both my dad's speech and the BM's speech because no one would hush up or move over so we could see or hear - everyone was crowding around asking what happened to my dress.  The canldes on our table were SUPPOSED to be white tealights, but they were red votives, otherwise we wouldn't have had that problem to begin with.  Non-white-dress SIL took it upon herself to use MY photog that I paid for to have her family portraits done, which made us late getting pictures finished.  It also made us get less photos than we wanted of MY family.  THAT SIL complained about everything all night and was very rude to everyone.  Most of the guests left early.  The reception was supposed to last until 8:30, but the staff started BREAKING DOWN AND CLEANING UP at 6:30.  My DOC had saved us a plate of food and cake, but someone who was cleaning threw it away, so DH and I didn't get to eat any of the food at our wedding.  The rude SIL put on jeans and a tacky t-shirt DURING THE RECEPTION and started cleaning.  She actually took food and flowers AWAY FROM MY MOM and threw them away.  She also moved all of our stuff somewhere and didn't tell us.  We were missing purses, keys, phones, etc.  There was no coordination about who was supposed to be bringing home what, etc. so we THOUGHT we were missing things that turned up later at someone's house, etc.

All in all, I have been trying to just FORGET my wedding.  We did get some nice compliments about the vows (which I wrote most of myself), the decorations, the fun music selections, the dancing, and how much FUN people had.  I'm just glad I'm married and that's OVER WITH!

If anyone is interested in my HM, I have a really long detailed recap of that (with links to pics) on my month board.


This picture was an accident, haha.  My feet were hurting and every time I sat in a chair my "torture device" longline bra needed to be readjusted.  So I just plopped down in the floor and my dress poofed out around me.  The BMs grabbed the photog, bouquets were arranged, and this photo was born!

I think this was during our vows.

My cupcake tower

DH's bacon chocolate groom's cake

A picture of us after the ceremony.

A picture of us with the whole WP after the ceremony.

A picture of us with my family.

Our first dance.  :)

The Cupid Shuffle!  That was super fun.  Notice my white platform flip flops for dancing, haha.

Me, MOH, and a BM taking a break from dancing.
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Re: AW: I'm finally back as a MRS! (edited to add PIPs)

  • BMcLeodTeamBMcLeodTeam member
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    Love that picture of you! Funny how some of the nicest pictures can be 'accidents' lol! A friend of mine had a picture snapped by a friend, that drew her attention away from her photog and yet when the photog had snapped his picture it looked like she was cuddling into her DH's chest and was her fav of her photos :)

    Sorry that so many things went wrong, but the good news is.... Congrats on being married :)
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    Amanda, my mouth kept dropping every time I read your  recap. I am sorry all those things happened but at the end of the day, you are finally a Mrs! 

    How was the grooms cake? chocolate and bacon are a unique combination.

    is your ankle any better? I thought I saw on FB where you re-injured it. Love you got to see Disneyland decorated for Christmas.

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  • AllyG303AllyG303 member
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    I was just thinking about you over the weekend wondering how everything went!  I'm sorry that you had so many issues, but at least you're a married lady now!  Congrats! 
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  • FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I'm so sorry to hear about all the drama!! :(

    Like the other girls said, though, at the end of the day at least you're married to your DH and that's all that matters!

    You looked gorgeous and I'm so happy for you! I've been keeping up with your Honeymoon pictures on FB-- looks like you had an awesome time minus the ankle issue. Hope you're feeling better!

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  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    The pictures look great, if those are the non-pro I can't wait to see the pro ones.

    Crappy things happened on my day too (although not to the extent you did - I'm sorry, that sounds really sucky).  But you've got the right attitude, you're married to your love!  Congratulations.
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    Yikes! I hope you'll be able to laugh about it soon! 

    If you ended up married at the end of the day the wedding was a success! 

    I'm excited to see your pro pics-- the candids are beautiful!
  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    Congratulations and welcome back!  I enjoyed seeing HM pics on FB.  Sorry that so many things went wrong on your wedding day - I would have been so annoyed!  But I'm glad that you have been thinking of the things that went right so that maybe you'll remember those more than the things that went wrong!  Was there anything from your day that could have been preventable?  (I'm wondering if there are any tips that you have learned as a result of what happened.)  Like everyone said, you are married now so everything that happened is in the past and you still have your DH.  YAY!!
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    Thanks, ladies!

    My ankle is WORLDS better.  I am still sort of "aware" of it, if that makes sense.  I try to stay off it more and if I turn it a certain way it hurts a bit.  But I am no longer wearing the brace (I had an allergic reaction to it anyway) and I've stopped taking the prescription NSAID they gave me.  I can walk normally, I'm just trying to be careful.  The stairs in my apartment make my ankle ache just a little.

    The wedding has made me not very fond of my SILs.  DH and I are talking about not going to the family Christmas party this year.  I think we'll eventually move past it, but right now the wounds are still pretty fresh.  Other than that, I am trying to look only at the positives.  My friends and DH and I really had a great time dancing!  We got some amazing pictures, and of course we wound up married.  ;-)  I still have the dress crumpled up in a corner in the closet until I can figure out what to do with it.  I might see about having it dyed red or something and wearing it to a Mardi Gras ball.  We'll see.

    The HM was awesome, so we had tons of fun.  And I am off work all this week, so we're able to get some things done.  Unfortunately I'm feeling sick, but I've already gotten on antibiotics and I'm hoping I get better soon.  We've got wedding presents to return, Christmas presents to buy, a little bit of Christmas decorating left to do, thank you notes to write, and an apartment to clean!
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    You looked gorgeous! So sorry to hear about all that went wrong, but like PPs said, all that matters in the end is that you're married. And sounds like you had a good time dancing. :) I think you are justified in being a little miffed at your SILs for a while. Seriously though you looked wonderful!
  • ravenrayravenray member
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    edited December 2011
    You look beautiful!  Sorry to hear about all those frustating things about your wedding.  I am sure as time goes on those things will fade.  You're honey moon sounds like lots of fun :)
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  • mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    The few pictures you have are very pretty! You looked stunning. I'm sorry everything seemed to go wrong for you, but like you said, it's over and now you're married! Congrats!
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  • MelissaC315MelissaC315 member
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    Sorry to hear that some things didn't go as planned and that certain people are rude. But you looked beautiful and you both look very happy and in love! (and the cupcakes look yummy!) and you're married!! :)
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    Wow that was a lot of things that went wrong! Hopefully someday you might be able to look back on it and laugh!??? Congrats though on being married. And by the way, I love the idea about dying your wedding dress red....especially since it already has a red stain!
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    Congrats! Sorry about the mishaps, but it's awesome that you are married now and that you had fun despite the setbacks! You look really happy in the pictures of you and your new DH! 
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