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I was going to put these on the "Your Weather" thread, but the post got waaaay too long...feel free to add yours, too! (and praises!)

MOH is leaving for a month in Uganda on June 12th...morning after the wedding.  Praying for her sanity leading up to the trip, that she doesn't have any bad side effects from the anti-malaria drugs and other vaccines she needs, and safety for the team.  From what she said, I think it's more medical/humanitarian focused than mission trip.  She goes to a large, public university...not sure if the trip is through the school or a campus ministry.

Now that FI is the youth pastor, he'll be leading the youth mission Haiti...May 30-June 8th.  My mom is going nuts over this.  We're praying for a safe trip, health before, during, and after the trip, and on-time flights all the way back.  It's most likely that FI will fly from Haiti to DC and not stop in KS on the way back,.  He'll stay with his parents on the 9th to just sleep and try to recover before making the trip to VA for rehearsal and the wedding.  Seriously praying for good health and on-time flights. :)

One of my BM's dad was recently released from the hospital.  He has an ongoing illness, and now the doctors are saying he needs a pacemaker.  He is still a full-time pastor in Texas, and doesn't know the definition of "take it easy."  We're praying he will be able to recover from this recent setback quickly, and it would be amazing if he recovered well enough to not need the pacemaker.  If he does need it, I pray for him, my friend, her sister, and her mom.  I also pray that a decision is made about this before she buys a plane ticket (or dress, for that matter) for the wedding.  If she needs to stay, then she needs to stay, but I would hate for her to spend money on those and then not be able to come.

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    That's great that your MOH is getting to go to Uganda but wow - the day after the wedding?  I hope that doesn't stress her out.  At least her trip doesn't coincide with your wedding date!  I went to Kenya on a missions trip a few years ago and I went through the concerns about the malaria meds and other shots.  I shouldn't have read the information about the different malaria med options because it freaked me out!  But everything ended up fine.  I will pray the same for her.  And even if she is not on a evangelistic mission trip, her light will shine and hopefully God will open doors for her to share her faith.

    About Fletcher's trip - that is pretty close to the wedding and I hope all goes well.  What will they do there?  There are so many needs.

    And I'll pray for your BM.  My dad has heart disease and has had a few surgeries (including two pacemaker implant surgeries).  So I know a bit about what she is probably going through.  Coincidentally, my dad was also a pastor and had to retire due to his health problems.  I think pastors have a very tough job and it is hard to slow down when you are needed so much.  This is something that you'll learn as pastor's wife.  I hope that everything works out.
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    Thanks, Lisa!

    The church we're going to has a sister church in Haiti that they were partnered with before the earthquake.  The Pastor is actually leaving tomorrow to go down there for a week to see what exactly the teens will be working on this summer.  They were there last summer as well, and that was mostly helping to clean up and literally put the church building back together. 

    Fletcher was an RA last year and one of the guys on his hall was from Haiti.  His family was okay, but most of his friends were killed or are still missing.  Since then, Fletcher has had this burning desire to go to Haiti and just do something. 

    When we found out about this trip, I could tell he was so excited, but a little apprehensive as well.  I'm praying he'll be able to be totally focused on what needs to be done there while the girls and I are getting last minute wedding stuff done.

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    I will pray!! 
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    Wow, sounds like a lot!  I wish I was going back to Haiti... pangs of jealousy... okay, they're gone now, I am not ready to go on a mission trip from a spiritual sense.  :-)

    Will pray for that for sure.

    I'm dealing with a very opinionated mom... I know she is opinionated, and so far she's been pretty "hands off" letting me plan the wedding, (my parents are paying for a large part of the wedding expenses), but there have been 2 major things lately that in the end aren't that big on the overall day, but have been where the planning attention has been, and it's been hard to be patient when I'm being told how it "should" and "shouldn't be," so that's been not the easiest thing toward the tail end of this week (hence why I haven't been on TK boards as much either!!).

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    I will definitely keep you girls in my prayers.

    For me it's priorities and God's help in putting them in perspective. I am working practically full time plus full time school. It's hard working so much and not having any free time. I know I need to get used to this because this will be my life once I'm married but it's still hard to for me to manage everything at one time. I'm still struggling with not having many friendships. I left a college I loved with friends to come home where God wanted me where the only girlfriend I have lives in VA and I have  FI and family but not much outside of that. I'm not praying for friendships as much as I am God's comfort and being okay with what I have.

    Hope you all have a great week!
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    Praying :)
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