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Call me crazy.  I orginally had planned on getting all 3 girls the same gifts and then MOH a couple extra things to give her separately.  Now, since CA BM is not helping AT ALL with anything, I'm rethinking things.  Would it be wierd for me to give MOH her separate gift before the wedding (but after the shower) and then all 3 their gifts the day before the wedding and then MOH and my other local BM (who's helped/helping MOH with my bach party & shower) gifts after the wedding when I return?  This is what I've got:

Gift certificate for facial
Pearl necklace

All 3 BMs:
Flip flops
Bath packets (shower gel, pouf, body butter)

MOH & local BM:
Handbags (from Thailand)
Purse hangers
Embroidered umbrellas

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Re: BM gifts

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    That sounds fine to me! I have thought of doing similar things with some of my BM's. Especially if they have worked their butt off for me or even just lent me their ear more than say a carefree MOH? :P
    So yeah, I think you are a sweet bride!
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    I think that is great.  As long as you don't give the extra gifts infront of Cali BM, I don't see a problem.
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