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Bridesmaids dresses!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had family in from out of town for my grandfather's 90th birthday, so it has been an awesome few days! 

I'm excited because tomorrow we are going to pick out bridesmaids dresses! Yay! My MOH and I already narrowed it down to three styles. Tomorrow all of my BMs (except one) are going to decide which style they want (they will all wear the same style, but it's their decision, not mine). I'm excited we are getting these things done and I wanted to share my joy with all my wonderful Christian knotties! Have a good weekend!

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    Yay that is exciting! Where are you getting the dresses from? My girls are all wearing the same thing, my decision not theirs haha. I have this thing with My girls either love the dress or are "fine" with it, none of them are against it. I just wanted my MOH's approval (which I got, but she is just okay with the dress, doesn't love it...I love it for them!) Let us know what you decide! And have FUN!
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    Rach- I am getting them from David's Bridal because they have my color there (Horizon- which is like a royal blue). I agree with you on the symmetry thing- I don't mind which one they choose, but I do want them all to wear the same thing. Where are yours from? Color?
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    I picked mine at David's too :) Its one of their popular styles, so I wouldn't be surprised if you had the same style in mind!! My colors are cornflower and orange, the dresses are cornflower.

    My roommate is the same size at me so when her dress came in I tried it on lol. I've struggling with body image since I was 80 lbs heavier when I was in high school so I always said I would never have my girls wear something I wasn't comfortable in. I loved it! :) And the pockets are such a great bonus.
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    My BM's will be getting their's from David's Bridal too!  We have 1 design sort of picked out as a favorite right now, but I have asked them and I think since they'll wait to order until February (July wedding), we may just wait until the new designs come out in February to see what is coming out.  

    The one we have as a favorite right now is this one.  It is more of an a-line type skirt, lots of fun in the dress, and comes with optional spaghetti straps for those who want the extra support.  

    My color is kelly green.  DB is one of the only designers that carries that exact color.  We had considered "shamrock" from Alfred Angelo but I got a DB wedding gown, so that settled that question!!! 

    Make sure you post a pic, if you can!!! :-) Good luck shopping! 
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    The girls chose and ordered their dresses! 

    Rach- the one you chose was one of our three possibilities. I actually wore that style in a wedding I was in this past summer- I love that dress. 

    Kelly- I like yours a lot, too! Very cute! I like the shorter styles because the girls can wear them again.

    Ultimately, the girls chose one that is similar to yours, Rach, with the rouched waist, however it has straps that sort of come from the front center of the dress (about an inch thick) and it has a bubble skirt that falls just above the knee. I looked for a picture on David's website, but it is a brand new style so it is not on their website yet. 
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    Short BM dresses are really not an option for me with a November wedding, haha.  My girls will be wearing these in black with the optional spaghetti straps:

    I hate that in the picture you can't really see the pretty beading that's across the top.
    image imageimage image

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    [QUOTE]I looked for a picture on David's website, but it is a brand new style so it is not on their website yet. 
    Posted by AshNoel8[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>Aw, too bad!  I can't wait for the new line to come out online.  I need to go visit a DB in person again, probably with one of my BM's when she gets out for her college break. (she's 6 yrs younger than me, my little brother's girl friend).  

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    My girls are wearing this :

    In silver. I really wanted something flowy and a little artsy. It looks silver on the website but it has a lavender hue in most lights which I love. My MOH has blue eyes, and my 3 other girls have greyish blue or greyish green eyes so it looks amazing on them. I really want to see them in the dress with me in MY dress, I've only put them together in my head and on the hanger.
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    sessions and joy- pretty dresses! It seems like a lot of us are getting dresses from David's! 
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