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I was just looking at the roll call and wondered how you met your FI.  Have you had a long distance relationship or was there a time the you were together?  I'm just curious.  That seems like such a big distance and it must be so hard!  My DH and I dated long distance until the day we married but he was only an hour airplane ride away.  It was so hard for me and so I can't imagine how it would be having him 1/2 a world away.

Will you work once in India?  Have you ever lived there?  Are you excited about moving?

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    Thank you for caring. :) I'm PMing you, because after typing out everything I realized it was too long and too personal for the forum at large, but I'm not against sharing it with you.

    For anyone else who might be curious, the short of it is we met on a Christian dating website. Primarily because of finances, we've not met in person, but if we were in person, we'd probably already be married. It will take thousands of dollars to get together in person, and he made an India's salary (way below the US) and I was unemployed our entire relationship, up until two weeks ago. The entire romance was God orchestrated, and yes, I am quite excited to move to India!

    Oh, and I forgot to put this in the PM: we talk daily. He got an American number over the internet, so I can talk on the normal phone (but he's stuck talking on this computer). We also get to see each other on the webcam from time to time, but I have dial up at home, so it's not that often.
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