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I got the job!

Okay, good news: I got the job!  It's roughly a 1-hour commute from where I currently live but we've looked at $$ and it makes more sense for me to drive for now rather than rent something near the new job.  FI's job requires him to be gone about 1 or 2 nights a week, and his apt. is closer to the new job, so the plan is for me to stay at his apt. when he's gone on business.  

The gas budget won't be the easiest thing to choke down, but the full-time paycheck plus health insurance and retirement WILL be. :-) 

I won't be called to sign paperwork until next week, and I can't resign my current school until I get the official word from HR... call it self-preservation if you will, and that is actually what the new principal advised me to do, so I feel good about that, since it is the right thing to do, and my new employer is okay with it.  

I'm very excited!!!   :-) 

ETA: I typed this really quick after I got the phone call and forgot to say...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ladies for keeping me in your prayers!  

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!  (listening to Charles Billingsley sing "Amen" right now!)
July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

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