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Prayer request / follow-up

I posted almost a month ago about my nana falling and hitting her head.  She's home, after refusing to go to rehab, and completely furious at my mom and aunt and uncle.  She's refusing to go to any sort of follow-up appointment.  There's a social worker involved who tried to moderate a sit down with nana and my mom and aunt, which basically consisted of my nana yelling at them for 50 minutes.  My mom said nana's started acting really weird.  The social worker is recommending a mental status evaulation at the hospital, which will likely invovle sedating her to get her there.  She'll likely have to go to a nursing home.  We don't want her to go to one, and neither does she.  I've written to her, though I haven't dropped it in the mail yet.

Please pray for...I don't know.  This is tearing my mother apart.  Discernment.  Any sort of change of heart on my nana's part, a willingness to allow my mom and/or aunt back in again.  
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Re: Prayer request / follow-up

  • I'm so sorry! That must be so difficult for your family. You're in my prayers.

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  • It's so hard when family member get old.  My dad's family had a huge fight because his mom, who has dementia, had to have her driver’s license taken away.  I'll be praying for peace and your nana to not be stubborn.  *hugs*

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  • I am so sorry to hear this, T&P's for your nana and your mom and aunt. 
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  • How awful! Keeping you in my thoughts. x
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