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Could really use some prayers...

Everyone in my family seems to be struggling right now, and it's making me miss them all very much. Trouble is, they all live in WA, and I'm in AZ. I won't be seeing any of them until at least next year. I would really appreciate prayers on their behalfs. I don't know that I have the emotional strength to handle all these prayers on my own right now.

My mother - has Fibromyalgia so she is in pain a lot, and is worrying about all the other family members, which makes her worse
My father - job stress and a lawsuit at work
My brother - no job and no money, and has to find a new place to live in two months, and he's depressed
My middle sister - job seeking and planning a wedding they don't really have money for
My baby sister - struggling with making friends at college and the resulting lonliness. She is also a baby Christian, and trying to find a church.

Thanks, ladies.

Re: Could really use some prayers...

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