6 Days and Curveballs

Hey ladies!  I cannot believe there is less than a week to my big day.  :o

I also cannot believe that my officiant has a family emergency and won't be able to do our wedding.  It was a shock, but at least he informed us a week before as opposed to a day before.  Thank heavens for that.  I think it was fate, though, because after the initial freak out, when we were talking with family, we discovered that FI's dad is ordained and would love to officiate our wedding!!

Another curveball is the fiasco with the rehearsal dinner plans.  Essentially, we didn't want to spend a lot of money on this because no one else was offering to help pay or really expressing interest in attending, so things just fell apart and we decided not to have one.  Then, all of a sudden, FI's relative offered to host it at their place and now everyone wants to attend.  Sheesh.

Well, mainly just wanted to post to share my enthusiasm about being so close!!  I have my hair trial today and will likely pop back on to share photos with you.
- Rachel

Married 11/6/10

Re: 6 Days and Curveballs

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