I'm finally planning my wedding!!!!


My now fiancee proposed to me on a cruise to Mexico about two weeks ago, and though we had talked about getting married the proposal now was a complete surprise - he told almost no one but my dad.  I am the kind of girl that has been dying to plan my wedding, but now that the ring is on the finger it's real.  Even though Kevin and I don't want a totally formal, overdone wedding there's a lot to do, and our idea's are changing daily.   At first we wanted to go to Mexico with just our parents and my sister, then we were going to have the small ceremony here in Seattle and just the two us go to  Mexico for a honeymoon right away.  We were going to get married in the winter so Mexico would be a way to get away from the Seattle rain.  Now we're thinking that it makes sense to have a small ceremony followed by a larger reception on the same day.  This means the date should be in early fall or late spring since a larger number or our family is east of the mountains.  We are looking for venues on the sound in Des Moines or around North Bend.  Idea's a appreciated.  I am told that people have small (15  or less) ceremonies and then invite more to the reception, so at this moment I'm trying to figure out how we invite people leetting them know they are invited to the reception following a private ceremony.

Anyway, I write a lot.  Looking forward to responses.


Re: I'm finally planning my wedding!!!!

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    Sounds great!!!!

    I don't know of anything in Des Moines.....there is a place called Moon Mansion in North Bend...but that is pretty formal if you ask me. There is a place called Sanders Mansion that is kinda Kent/Federal Way/Auburn that is close to Des Moines (its on the border of all those cities)...I think it would be more relaxed for a reception and you could have a nice outdoor ceremony.

    I am pretty sure there is a winery in Auburn that is good for small weddings. Can't remember the name.

    Maybe if you could give us more of an idea of size and maybe budget, and what kind of feel you are going for with the venue, we might be able to give some better suggestions.

    Also.....I know there is a way to invite people to just the recpetion.....I can't remember the exact wording, i am sure you could google it, or maybe other brides here will have some ideas, but i think it is somewhere along the lines of, "Please join us in our wedding celebration" ...something like that. Typical inviations will say something like, the honor of your presence is requested at the ceremony, or as they unite, as they pledge themselves, etc. So just asking for their attendance at the celebration would give the idea that its a reception only.

    Or you could say, Jane and John will have an intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends and request your presence/company at their celebration to follow.....I am sure there is a correct way to do it. Or do it however you want! who says it needs to be correct, haha.

    Anyways, sorry for the long winded response. Welcome to the board!!!! Please reach out to us for ANY questions you have! We are here to help....and would like the company, our board has been pretty slow!
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    Oh and congrats on your engagement!!!!
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    I have a lot of LDS friends and since there isn't much room in the temple the invitation usually says 'so and so will be joined in marriage on blah, blah...  Please join us for the reception at such and such time in such and such place.'

    Or you could say something like 'please help us celebrate our marriage by joining us at the the venue at this time.' 

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    awesome ideas, ladies. thanks so much!  I'm checking out all those venues right now. 
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    There are a few places in Des Moines.

    You can get married at the Des Moines Yacht Club I believe: http://www.desmoinesyachtclub.com/

    And the Landmark Center: http://www.landmarkeventcenter.com/

    But I'm not sure what price range you're looking for. GL! Congrats on your engagement!
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