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Need prayers still for us

So....we're headed back to court for custody. Please pray that our daughter will end up fine at the end....and that my FI will remain peaceful, no matter the outcome.

Also, I am hoping for either my current position to turn permanent or to find permanent, accessible and full-time employment in the city that we live in. I am terribly worried about our finances and my FI is all tapped out. I am paying a ridiculous amount to commute 60 miles round trip to work daily....and it's causing us a lot of strife. So prayer for that would be extremely welcome!.

Also....we have been looking for a place to move to for three months. We've been unable to find ANYTHING in the areas that we're looking in (for safety and commuting reasons) for the amount that we are able to pay. Please pray. FI is at the end of his wits....because nothing has come up.


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Re: Need prayers still for us

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