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List of Checks and AW: Honeymoon Booked!

Okay, this is a multi-post, I'll start with the Honeymoon!

We just booked our honeymoon in Hot Springs, NC (mountain cabins) --really, really beautiful place and we wanted something unique, and this could likely turn into a vacation spot to which we might frequently return in summer OR winter (it has a hot tub on the porch AND a fireplace along with its own kitchen with supplies and a gas grill!).  WOOT!!

Also, I just have to "AW" about my checks so far... you can stop reading here if you want, I am just REALLY excited and might be forgetting something if you want to get into my head and help me out...  

-Wedding Dress, Veil, Tiara, Garter Set
-Bridesmaids Attire selected!
-Groom and GM's attire selected!
-Ceremony site, Officiant, decor selected
-Cake Tasting booked with 3 top cake flavors!
-Got a cake topper for 50% off! 
-Decided on a card box for the gift table
-Flowers decided... waiting to order since it is with Sams Club
-Reception site- need to finalize contract and menu and pay deposit. 
-Called today to get hotel block ... waiting on a return call.
-Cut rented transportation... not on our list of priorities. 
-Ceremony site decor decided (just have to execute it!)
-Invitations done, just have to order them!
-Bridal portrait location decided
-Found online vendor to turn our bridal portrait into canvas for our photographer who is an "old amateur" (although he does a lot of photography for our local news so I would hardly say he is an amateur). 

Still to do: 
-book DJ
-finalize Guest List and get addresses for everyone... (ugh!!)
-meet with photographer we have booked
-help MOG with rehearsal dinner (she's OOT)
-FI has to book wedding night hotel
-Ceremony music (ACK! we're both musicians and I'm a music teacher... this will be interesting)

Praise God for the time he's given me, and the fantastic vendors and venues we've found to get it all organized so quickly.  :-)  Thanks for reading, if you did.  I'm so excited to have some of these details come together.  I may have neglected to list it because I forgot, so please feel free to put up a note about something you think I forgot!!  
July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

Re: List of Checks and AW: Honeymoon Booked!

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    As I look at the list I think of things I left off... ach, oh well.  

    Still to do (in addition to above list):
    Pick cake serving set
    pick guest book
    Ceremony programs... design ... start soon, I guess!
    Oh, and the pre-marital counseling we'll be doing, that has to start soon, I think.  

    Ah, the joys, and heartaches of planning such a huge event.  I'm glad I'm saving the money by not having a wedding planner, but it sure would be nice to have someone to handle all the details for me... 

    Thankfully though, I am meeting my goal of having almost ALL of the big stuff organized by the end of 2010 / beginning of 2011.  Some of it is about execution of the plan at this point, and some of it we still have to sign papers on... somehow, someway, it will all get done!! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    Congrats! We just booked our honeymoon, too. Your trip sounds awesome! Yay!
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